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Our gaming related content has started to boom, attracting hundreds of thousands of unique visitors and pageviews! This offers you, the advertiser, a great opportunity to connect with a lot of people from the gaming audience, and start driving traffic and customers to your website!

Visits in 2 weeks
Unique visitors in 2 weeks
Pageviews in 2 weeks
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In case you don’t take our word for it

Here is some proof from both Google Analytics and cPanel’s AWStats (click to enlarge).


Responsive design

Our site is responsive, which means it looks good and it’s usable on any platform: laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In fact, 55.74% of our visitors come from smartphones and 2.25% come from tablets.


Ad placement and format

1. Placement: Currently, we only allow ad placements in our blog section, in our sidebar and inside posts (middle and bottom).
2. Ad size and type:

  • Sidebar:
    – For skyscrapers and rectangles: 306 (mandatory* width) x 600 (maximum height; not mandatory*);
    – For squares: 306 x 306 (mandatory).
  • Inside posts:
    – For horizontal banners: 714 (maximum width; not mandatory) x 90 (maximum height; not mandatory);
    – For rectangles: 336 (maximum width; not mandatory) x 280 (maximum height; not mandatory);
    – For squares: 280 (maximum width; not mandatory) x 280 (maximum height; not mandatory).

3. Ad format:

  • Sidebar: Text, images (.jpg, .png, etc.), animated images (.gif), videos.
  • Inside posts: Images (.jpg, .png, etc.) and animated images (.gif).

*mandatory – meaning that we only accept that specific width and / or height, nothing more, nothing less.
*not mandatory – meaning that we accept smaller sizes than the maximum specified.

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