Astellia Unban Appeal Guide for 2024 – How To

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With its release on September 27, 2019, Astellia is going to make its way in the MMORPG niche, alongside games like WoW, FFXIV, GW2 and BDO!

Now, Astellia promises to be the kind of MMORPG that keeps you busy, not only by adding new features to the genre, such as by Card Collecting in order to summon Astels to aid you in combat, but also by having the much needed PvE and PvP aspects through raids and guild wars!

However, when it comes to MMORPGs, account bans are very common, as there are a lot of things that can go wrong, from wanting to take certain shortcuts, to purchasing currency or items, accidentally making use of a glitch or a bug, sharing your account or even as a false positive, all of which can cost your account and get you banned from Astellia.

With that in mind, we decided to write a step by step guide on how to appeal in order to get unbanned from Astellia, should you find yourself in that unlucky position, but first, let’s go over the things that can warrant a ban in Astellia!

What can get you banned in Astellia?

Going over Astellia’s Terms of Use, here are the most common offenses that can get your Astellia account banned:

  • toxicity (including racism and real life threats), bullying, spamming, harassment towards other players;
  • using bots, cheats and other tools and third party software that can give someone an unfair advantage over others;
  • creating or being part of a private server;
  • purchasing or selling in-game currency or items through third party sources;
  • sharing your Astellia account or logging into the accounts of other players.

Submitting an Astellia unban appeal

Now that we’ve established what can get you banned in Astellia, let’s go over how you can submit an unban appeal in order to try and get unbanned from Astellia!

The first thing that you need to do is to get on the Astellia support center right here, then complete the form as such:

  • choose “Account” for the category you require help with;
  • input your account’s registered e-mail address;
  • under “Subject“, write something such as “Ban appeal”, or “Appealing a ban”;
  • input your correct Astellia username;
  • under “Account Category“, select “I can’t access my account”;
  • as for the “Description” field, that’s where we come in handy, should you require our professional and customized Astellia unban service designed to help you get unbanned from Astellia;
  • attach any relevant files, if any.
Get unbanned from Astellia


Once all of that is done, simply press “Submit” underneath the form, and your Astellia unban appeal will be sent to the Customer Support team for review.

Do make sure to keep an eye on your mail (the one you wrote in the form), as well as its Spam folder, since that’s how they’re going to get in touch with you!

This is it! Hopefully you won’t have to go through getting banned in Astellia, or any other game for that matter, but if it does somehow happen, we’re here for you!

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