Overwatch Ban Wave for Aimbot on August, 2018

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As of today, it seems that Blizzard started issuing an Overwatch ban wave to players found engaging in usage of such software, namely aimbot cheating. Although it’s still quite early, as confirmed by this ownedcore thread, the alleged software that started being detected is called SharpEye. If you’re not aware of what an Overwatch aimbot is, it’s basically a third …

Is it worth getting an Overwatch boost?

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Since most of the player base is against the boosting trend, we decided to find out if there’s any other story behind it, given that a lot of people, even some top streamers, are juggling with the term “boosted” in Overwatch competitive games. That being said, a lot of other people are curious as to how this works, and naturally, …

overwatch placement matches

How Overwatch Placement Matches Work and Why They Are Unfair

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With the fresh release of Overwatch’s Competitive Season 7, I decided to test how the placement matches work first hand. There’s been so many rumors going around regarding how they take into account your personal performance in the 10 placement matches, along with your previous season rating, and so on. In a nutshell, what I’ve noticed is that none of …