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How to Get the Hearthstone Nemsy Necrofizzle Halloween Hero for Free

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As you know, the Halloween event is currently going on in a lot of online games, and players are doing their best to earn season only achievements, skins and various other event based items.

Unlike most of these games, though, getting the Hearthstone Halloween Hero “Nemsy Necrofizzle” doesn’t involve farming or purchasing loot boxes and such, but quite strangely, it involves playing with other people, in public places. Yup, you’ve read that right.

While you can partake in the Hearthstone’s Hallow’s End Fireside Gathering anytime during October 9 to November 5, the Nemsy Necrofizzle hero will only be available for free after October 17.

Requirements to get the Nemsy Necrofizzle hero

Do note that in order to receive the hero, the gathering you’re participating in must be at en established tavern, which means it needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The tavern must be set up via the official Hearthstone Fireside Gathering;
  • The Fireside Gathering must be open to public and must be hosted in a public location, like a bar, campus cafeteria, restaurant, etc.

Furthermore, the Innkeepers who are requesting spooky swag boxes must be at least 18 years old, and in order to get the Nemsy Necrofizzle hero, you must engage in a Fireside Brawls along with the other participants.

Fireside Friends cardback bonus

As a bonus, you will also get the Fireside Friends cardback if you play at least three games against another participant, so make sure you don’t forget about that when attending the event!


While this is a lot different than what we’ve been used to so far in order to obtain seasonal rewards, it can help players meet new people with whom they share common interests and make friends, while playing their favorite game!

So, don’t forget to bring a friend and find a local tavern Gathering!

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