Overwatch 2 Banned Account – How to Recover It

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If you got an Overwatch 2 banned account, then this article is for you!

Below, we’ll go all the reasons that can get you banned or suspended in Overwatch 2. And, as a bonus, what you can do to recover it.

It’s no secret that Overwatch 2 is a very competitive game. It’s also no secret that it’s a game where you can very easily get irritated.

With that said, there are quite a few reasons that can cause an OW2 ban or suspension, but most notably:

  • toxicity;
  • cheating and boosting;
  • selling and buying accounts;
  • throwing and griefing;
  • no reason bans and false positives.

To get a better understand as to why your account is banned from Overwatch 2, let’s dive into each of them!

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Overwatch 2 Account Suspended for Toxicity

Clearly, one of the main problems in Overwatch 2 was, is and will always be toxicity.

But it’s important to understand that the players are not toxic because of the teammates they interact with. Instead they are toxic because of Overwatch 2 itself, as a game.

Even in higher ranks, players tend to get frustrated and impatient with the state of the game, state that leaves a lot of the players with a bad taste in their mouth.

Most of the time, the reason behind toxicity comes from the very long queues and very fast games.

In those games, you likely feel like your team is not doing anything and your contribution, without help, is close to zero.

No game should leave their players feeling like that, no matter how much Blizzard tries to balance it.

Quite often, they will say it’s because it’s an FPS game, players need to die fast, get better at aiming and positioning if they want to achieve higher ranks. But that’s not completely true.

Even if you are doing your best during a game, Overwatch 2 at its core, is an ability-based team game, where you can’t pull yourself out of lower ranks without the help of your team.

That brings us to the base of OW 2 banned accounts for toxicity. Many cases occurring due to the feeling of frustration, that no matter how good you play, your teammates don’t.

Overwatch 2 Reported for Toxicity

Toxicity Punishments in Overwatch 2

With that being said, be careful when addressing other players, especially in match chat. This can and will get you mass reported, which in turn, will get your account banned or suspended from Overwatch 2.

In that regard, it’s important to know that there’s a difference between being toxic or negative and outright offensive and abusive.

Regarding toxicity and negativity, you can expect the following Overwatch 2 account restrictions:

  • 1-3 day silence for your first offense;
  • 7-14 day silence for the next one;
  • 30-day Overwatch 2 account suspension for your third one;
  • permanently banned Overwatch 2 account for your last offense.

In a way, Overwatch’s penalty escalation system is similar to the League of Legends toxicity punishments.

However, Blizzard doesn’t particularly follow it to the letter. In that sense, you can expect silences to last up to 6 months. At the same time, you can expect to get a permabanned Overwatch 2 account after your second offense.

It all depends on your chat logs and degree of toxicity.

The difference between a silence and a suspension in Overwatch 2 is that a silence allows you to play the game, while unable to communicate. An account suspension prevents you from logging into the game and playing altogether.

Overwatch 2 Silenced Account
Source: battle.net/support/en/article/33885
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Offensive and Abusive Behavior

Blizzard takes abusive behavior very seriously, even in their FPS games. In fact, Overwatch 2 is right up there with Apex Legends banned accounts when it comes to offensive demeanor.

In that regard, Overwatch 2 has a zero-tolerance policy towards:

  • any form of hate speech;
  • discriminatory language;
  • obscene or disruptive behavior;
  • threats and harassment.

Even though this too categorizes as toxicity, the punishments for offensive and behavior in Overwatch 2 are a lot harsher than those for negativity.

If toxicity gets you a few silences first, offensive slurs and terms will get your account permanently banned from Overwatch 2. Even without any prior warnings or suspensions. This is also the case with bans in Valorant as well.

These types of bans have a very small chance of being overturned. Especially if you used terms that are racially offensive.

Trying to put a stop on this kind of toxicity, the Overwatch 2 team implemented the “Endorsment System”.

Even though it worked for a while, it was like putting a band-aid to a stab wound. The players’ excitement died down quickly and it’s been mostly used as a meme.

Overwatch Permanently Banned Account

Account Banned in Overwatch 2 for Cheating

Cheating is yet another common reason for why accounts get banned in Overwatch 2.

Similar to what gets you banned from Valorant, cheating in Overwatch 2 can be done through:

  • using any type of third party software yourself;
  • being in a duo-queue with a cheater.

Unlike PUBG cheating bans, there aren’t as many third party software tools for Overwatch 2. That’s also because it’s a straight-forward game, without a map, items or vehicles.

With that said, the most used hacks in Overwatch 2 are:

  • wallhacks;
  • ESP;
  • aimbot.

Wallhacks give a player the ability to see through walls, barriers, and everything in between. It’s like having Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight the entire game. A wallhacker will know where you are coming from, be it at spawn or right around the corner.

ESP is used to track other players abilities, as well as their healthbar, cooldowns and ultimate percentage.

If used together, wallhacks and ESP are a lot more powerful than the plain aimbot assist. They are also harder to be noticed or reported.

Aimbotting on the other hand, is pretty self-explanatory. You will always click their heads, even up close, even at a bigger distance. Think of it as Soldier 76’s Tactial Visor, but with headshots only.

In Overwatch 2, aimbotting can be used for certain abilities as well, such as Ana’s sleep, Soldier’s Helix Rocket, Pharah’s Barrage or Sigma’s rock.

This makes it very powerful as these kinds of hacks are harder to notice if you are not a professional cheat-hunter like Kephrii.

Also, note that there’s a big difference between a cheat being noticed/reported and detected. If a cheat isn’t noticed by other players, it can still be detected by Blizzard’s anti-cheating system. Or, the other way around.

Banned from Overwatch 2 for Cheating

Queueing with a Cheater

Playing with a cheater in your duo is also considered cheating by Blizzard. And, will get you banned from Overwatch 2. Yup, even if you personally were not using any hacks.

Thus, with Overwatch 2 going free-to-play, it’s safe to say that a lot of players will try this. As in, make a secondary free account and use cheats in party to help their friends climb rank.

However, keep in mind that having a cheater on your team (as in, another solo queue player), will not get you banned. This is not something you can control.

The only part of this that leads to a ban is if you deliberately queue with a cheater in order to increase your rank.

More so, if you do have a friend that you suspect is cheating, don’t queue together anymore. The chances of getting banned after just a couple of games are very low, so as long as you put an end to it once you notice it, you should be safe.

Restored OW2 Banned Account
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Overwatch 2 Boosting Ban

Another common reason to get banned or suspended in Overwatch 2 is boosting.

In that regard, this can get you punished due to:

  • the booster using cheats on your account to increase your rank fast;
  • Blizzard noticing the unusual gameplay and win-rate.

However, a lot of players get successfully boosted in Overwatch 2, so it’s safe to say that there are quite a few legitimate services out there. But, do your due diligence to ensure that they don’t use cheats.

As for plain account sharing, for the sake of it, there’s no reason to do that anymore.

With the game’s sequel being free-to-play, there’s no reason for anyone to request access to your account, just to try out the game.

So, you shouldn’t allow anyone to log into your Overwatch 2 account, especially since creating their very own free account is an option.

And, in case you didn’t know, account sharing is a bannable offense in Overwatch 2 in of itself. On top of that, the friend that logs into your account might be:

  • toxic to others;
  • trying a cheat;
  • playing from an unsecure computer.

These are all a bunch of other reasons to get your Overwatch 2 account banned, all originating from letting someone else to log in.

Overwatch 2 Account Banned for Boosting

OW2 Banned Account for RMT

RMT means real money transactions. However, there are two ways to do any type of RMT in Overwatch 2, namely:

  • boosting (which we covered above);
  • selling or buying accounts.

Thus, trading accounts in Overwatch 2 is yet another punishable offense, quite often being hit with a permanent ban.

As for the reasons for why a player would buy or sell an account, these are due to:

  • Legendary Edition;
  • unobtainable skins (Noire Widowmaker, Pink Mercy, Blizzcon skins, etc.);
  • other long gone cosmetics (events, OWL);
  • account’s rank (particularly GM or top 500);
  • very high level and rare border.

Regardless, if you choose to buy an account, make sure you absolutely trust the seller.

Blizzard doesn’t allow players to change their real name on Battle.net (except in a few rare situations), so you’ll be stuck with whatever name is on the account you buy.

And, if for some reason, this ever triggers a review, you’ll be left having to prove your ownership, by submitting your ID. That’s a bit hard, since your ID doesn’t match the account’s full name.

Apart from that, there’s always a risk for the account you buy to:

  • be in GM or Top 500 through cheating;
  • be sold to other players as well;
  • get recovered by the owner.

So, if you truly want to buy one and avoid getting an Overwatch 2 ban, make sure you can trust the seller.

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Overwatch 2 Banned Account for Throwing

Getting your account banned in Overwatch 2 for throwing or griefing is a different situation than toxicity. But how is it different than being toxic?

Toxicity involves a player being rude or offensive towards another player or the whole lobby.

Meanwhile, griefing can be done without saying a single word. A good example of this is picking Mei and walling your whole team at spawn. Or, picking Reinhardt and never using your shield. You can see how griefing and throwing are similar in that regard.

In this category we can also include feeding, which basically means dying on purpose to the enemy team. This too will be considered throwing and, if reported, will get your Overwatch 2 account banned.

Feeding is to not be confused with the whole team dying together, or when a DPS gets picked first because they’re front-lining or in a bad spot. A good example of this is when Widowmaker players duel each other and one of them dies instantly due to a being out-skilled.

Even though in other games, like League of Legends or Valorant, AFKing is a problem, in Overwatch 2 you’re being automatically punished after being AFK for more than a minute. As in, get kicked out of the game, and even get a ranked queue suspension if it was a competitive game.

Overwatch 2 Account Suspended for Throwing

Banned from Overwatch 2 for No Reason

Although you might not believe it, but getting banned for no reason is possible in Overwatch 2 as well.

Being heavily influenced by other player’s reports, Overwatch 2 often sneaks some false positive bans for players that didn’t do anything wrong.

This happens when, even though you’re trying your best, you always get picked first and therefore your teammates falsely report you.

Or, when you argue with another player in chat and you both get reported for toxicity, even though you’re not the initiator of the fight, or you’re just trying to defend your friends in-game.

Another reason for a false-positive ban happens when, maybe you’re just one lucky player and have a 50+% accuracy on hitscan characters. That might trigger some reports from other players, as they will see it as cheating.

More so, even though using a VPN in Overwatch is not against the Terms, it can also trigger a false positive, even if you’re using it just for a better latency or to change your region.

If you’re on a very lucky streak, it might look like you’re getting boosted, and it can get a little hard to explain it to Blizzard, especially since they can clearly see a different IP behind your login.

These are all the reasons that can get your account banned from Overwatch 2.

Most of them are easy to avoid with just a little bit of effort on your side, and some good behavior.

And, remember that being toxic in a video game doesn’t amount to anything positive, only to more anger, frustration and rage that will be passed on to another match.

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How to Recover a Banned Overwatch 2 Account

In order to get unbanned from Overwatch 2, you must submit a ban appeal. The process is similar to that of a WoW ban appeal.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to their Support Center right here and log into your banned Overwatch 2 account.

    It should choose your region by default. If not, you can change the website address’ “EU” or “US” prefix to the correct one.

  2. Click on “I would rather categorize the issue”.

    You can find it underneath the “Tell us about the issue” form.Overwatch ban or suspension form

  3. Select Account -> Appeal account action.

    Depending on the nature of your ban, you can also go with “Account -> Not listed here”.Overwatch account penalty

  4. Click on “Appeal a penalty” then on “Continue”.

    You’ll be prompted for confirmation, at which point, choose “Continue appeal”.Contact Overwatch Support

  5. Write your Overwatch 2 ban appeal in the “Description” field.

    We’ve got your back on this one! Since 2015, we’ve successfully overturned countless similar bans with our professional and customized unban service, designed to help you recover your banned Overwatch 2 account.How to Recover a Banned Overwatch Account

Source: battle.net/support/

All that’s left to do now is press the blue “Continue” button, and your Overwatch 2 ban appeal will be sent to Blizzard for a review.

Once they have an answer for you, you’ll receive an email notification. Make sure to keep an eye on your account’s email’s inbox!

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