Lucky Package


The package contains two custom unbanning tickets. It can be upgraded, by just paying the difference, to:

  • Hotshot – in addition, it offers Skype support;
  • VIP – in addition, it offers priority, Skype support and a FREE random Steam key.

Contact us if you need an upgrade.


Regardless of the name, this package doesn’t rely solely on luck, although luck does play a fair part in it. We’ve dealt with many cases in which our customers got unbanned just by sending the very first ticket we wrote for them, but just as a backup, we’ve added another letter in case the first one doesn’t seal the deal.

This package is designed for fairly easy cases, or for cases where you think you might not have any chance. It’s a great way to see where you stand with Customer Support, and, if lucky enough, maybe get unbanned as well! However, we do not recommend this for cases such as ban waves or cases where you’ve spoken with Customer Support yourself, before contacting us.


If, however, after spending both letters of your Lucky Package, you still find yourself in need of more letters, you can upgrade to either Hotshot or VIP package just by paying the difference of price (e.g. to upgrade from Lucky to VIP, you’ll pay just 27$!)!


This package can only be used for one account at a time!

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