How to Stream Popular Games on Twitch and Mixer

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There is a lot of competition when it comes to live-streaming popular games on platforms such as Twitch or Mixer. Games like Fortnite and Overwatch attract a lot of viewers but are also steamed by thousands of channels daily. While it can be difficult to grow as a new steamer in such a saturated market, there are ways you can attract an audience. 

Make sure that you play to your strengths. You need to have strong content that is entertaining or educational that stands above the quality of other channels. Consider what you can do that would make viewers want to watch you over another streamer. What skills and qualities do you have that can be combined to create a unique niche in the market? You have to be a strong entertainer to hold your audience’s attention. If things are slow on your channel, they’ll leave for another one.  

People who play games like PUBG and Apex Legends like to watch skilled players. Practice to improve your gaming-skills and use adequate equipment (like mechanical keyboards instead of membrane models). Find players (or other streamers) who are strong players who are willing to coach you. The better you get at a game, the more likely you are to find (and maintain) an audience. 

Streaming PUBG


Take the time to watch streamers who rank in the top 100 of your game. Watch what they are doing and see how their community reacts to them. Note the things that stand out to you that you enjoy. Try to incorporate similar elements into your own stream. 

Invest in professionally made graphics and animations for your channel. Take time to thoroughly fill out your profile. Set up an offline screen for your channel. These elements will show new viewers that you are trying hard to produce a professional stream and they will take you more seriously. 

Learn to promote yourself on social media. With so many channels streaming similar content, it will be difficult for platform users to find you on their own. If you can build a following on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can direct them to your stream when you go live. As your viewer-count grows, so will your opportunity to be found on the platform grow.  

If you play games like League of Legends, try to network with streamers who are at a similar play level as you. Create a team and stream together. Your viewers can watch all five channels at the same time by using a third-party multi-streaming platform. Not only does this give them the unique opportunity to see the whole team play together, but their views will count on all five channels. Depending on the multi-streaming platform you use, you can pre-set up the URL for your viewers and have your chatbot post it periodically. Playing with a team is a good way to create hype, good content, and grow multiple channels at once. 

Streaming League of Legends


Focus on building a community through Discord. Post memes periodically and ask your viewers for feedback to make your stream better. Play with your viewers (or subscribers) periodically to allow them to be a part of your content. 

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