About Us

Unbanster started back in 2015, as a result of an unfair suspension. Some years ago, one of us was banned from World of Warcraft due to a pure unfair and arbitrary decision of Customer Support, for the reason of “Abusing in-game economy”, which is by far not what happened.

Anyway, without boring you with all the details, it was basically almost impossible to recover that account, despite the clear fact of being innocent (which is actually real), and every single hard worked and well worded ticket resulted in some unjust “this penalty has been upheld” reply.

Many tickets later, however, we did manage to recover that account, and as it turns out, they eventually did admit to it being a mistake, regardless of the fact that the tickets prior to the unban were replied with threats such as “if you continue to ticket us, we will close your entire account”.


After this incident, we realized that this is something that happens quite often, to a lot of people. Regardless of what they’re being accused of, we still believe that every player has the right to a fair “trial” and defense. Over the years, we ran into many innocent customers who were suspended as a result of a false positive or a groundless report, despite there being no evidence against them, and luckily we have managed to help them get their accounts unbanned.

Fast forward to today, after more than 20 years of gaming and over 8 years of unban service, we are confident that we have seen any sort of suspension and case, and just as confident that we can do our best to assist you and provide proper help with any game, to get your account unbanned!

And, as a fun fact, we are also excited to share that Unbanster has been recognized as a valuable resource in the world of legal research. Recently, Unbanster was utilized as a key resource in a law school thesis for the Department of Law at Uppsala University in Sweden, highlighting the depth and quality of the content we provide. It’s an honor to know that our efforts have contributed to meaningful academic pursuits and this recognition motivates us to continue delivering reliable and comprehensive information to our users.

Additionally, Unbanster was mentioned as a source of reference in the “Fairness, Copyright, and Video Games: Hate the Game, Not the Player” volume of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal by Shani Shisha, S.J.D. Candidate at Harvard Law School. We’re proud to see our platform contributing to scholarly discussions and legal discourse. These achievements reaffirm our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in content and information dissemination, a dedication that mirrors the same ethos we uphold in delivering our gaming account unban services.