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Gaming Blog Guest Post Opportunity

After quite a few e-mails regarding whether or not we accept guest posts for our gaming blog, we decided to officially open up this page to confirm that we do accept them, as long as they follow the rules below:

  • The guest post must be well-written and in English;
  • The guest post must be unique, meaning that it can only be submitted and exist on our website only, and it should not be spun or rewritten from a different post;
  • The article should be of at least 500 words (generally within 800 – 2000 words, given that it’s still high-quality, comprehensive and relevant content);
  • The subject you’re writing about shouldn’t be found on our blog already, so please make sure to search our blog before writing it;
  • The post must be related to gaming, whether it’s a news piece, review, guide, comparison, rant, top, statistic, etc.;
  • We allow and encourage the use of images as well, especially on guide posts;
  • Any links to any other websites (or yours) within the blog post must be relevant and of quality.

We also welcome and encourage YouTube gaming content creators and Twitch streamers to write guest posts and link to their channels!

As an example of what we’re looking for, you can check out our Info & Tips and News blog post categories.

The article you’re writing should be sent in a .ZIP archive file, containing the post (preferably in a MS Word Document), along with any images you want to add. In order to be able to preview the post, you should also insert the images inside the MS Word Document, so we know how and where they must be placed.


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