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Getting banned from WoW or WoW Classic can be a real downer, especially after all the time, work and memories you have on that account. Because of that, we offer our customized WoW Unban Service through ingenious writing skills, designed to help you get unbanned from WoW, and back into Azeroth!

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Unbanned after Being Banned in WoW for More Than 5 Years!

"Straight up crazy!! I have been disputing the unfair ban Blizz placed on my WoW account for 5 years now, and they wouldn't sway. I already accepted that it was gone, but a friend found Unbanster and said eh, $24.99 isnt really that much, so let's see what they can do that I can't. IT W O R K E D, 4 tickets out of the 5 I bought and they FINALLY acknowledged that the ban might've been a mistake (which it was)!! I never felt this good, as anytime I went to them they kept saying the ban has been upheld!! Thank you guys so much for helping get back into Wow!!"

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As a fun fact, although we now deal with pretty much any game out there, our WoW unban service was the very first service we offered when we started! More so, Unbanster itself started exactly because of a wrongfully banned WoW account, long time ago.

In a nutshell, one of us got banned from WoW under the false accusation of "Abusing in-game economy", which despite what you might be thinking, was actually false.

Not knowing at the time, we thought that upon appealing it, the case will be resolved, and the account would've been unbanned right away, but unfortunately that's not what happened.

With almost no experience back then, dealing with Blizzard Support was extremely discouraging, as any well worded and thoroughly explained ticket resulted in a mere "this penalty has already been upheld" reply, and nothing else.

A lot of tickets later though, we did manage to get the account unbanned, and funny enough, Blizzard also acknowledged it as being a mistake, despite their answers prior to that pertaining to the fact that the entire account will be closed if we keep sending tickets.


Back when this happened, there weren't really any other options in regards to getting unbanned from WoW, other than of course, contacting Blizzard all by yourself.

On top of that, regardless of innocence, any banned player that goes to ask the community for help on reddit or forums and so on, will more often than not get mud thrown at him, with replies such as "stop cheating", or "I'm glad you got banned", or "yeah, sure, you didn't do anything" and so forth.

Knowing exactly how you feel in that very position of getting banned from WoW Classic or WoW, especially unfairly, and not having anywhere to go for help, we decided to start offering our services, in the hopes of helping other players get unbanned from WoW as well!

Fast forward to today, with over 5 years of experience dealing with WoW bans, and lots of happy unbanned customers, we strongly believe we're your best shot at getting unbanned, through our WoW and WoW Classic unban service!


And, as per how one of our beloved happy customers puts it - "You just sit back, relax, and they take care of all the little details" - So let us do the same for you!


a $1500 worth WoW account is worthless if it's banned.


  • You are innocent until proven guilty;
  • Regardless of how much money you've put into your banned WoW or WoW Classic account, it unfortunately becomes worthless if it remains banned;
  • Posting on community forums or reddit won't help your case, as not only will nobody believe you, but even if they do, they can't help you;
  • Blizzard does NOT hate you, nor do their WoW GMs have anything against you personally. They legitimately do believe you are guilty, and unfortunately, it's up to you (or to us, if you let us) to prove your innocence.
I bought this unban service after I got perma banned in WoW. Tbh I did expect some good tickets, which I got, but never in my life did i expect to get my WoW account unbanned! Again, thank you very much and i ll come back for the remaining tickets if i ever get banned in WoW again (hopefully not though)! 😀    Pawel, unbanned from World of Warcraft
Although all my friends said not to bother with this as you cant get unbanned from 6 month ban waves, i figured id give it a try anyway, as it was my only chance to finish the mage tower challenges. To all of their and even my surprise, these folks got me unbanned from wow with just 3 tickets, and it was fast enough that i got to finish the challenges on all of my alts. Highly recommend them to anyone in my position!    Danni, unbanned from a WoW ban wave
100% worth it. Tell the truth and as much information as possible and these guys will be your johnny cochran. In less than 3 days with 1 ticket, I went from a permaban to 2 week suspension. Learned my lesson will never do it again and I have my account back. Thanks to these guys        A, unbanned from WoW
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Customized Unban Tickets

Our tickets are customized based on your situation, ban and past appeals, as well as on the information you provide us in the order form.

Experienced Unbanners

We've been successfully doing this for more than 5 years now, and we've made a lot of people happy! Give us the chance to do the same for you!

Veteran WoW Players

On top of other games, we've been playing WoW since Vanilla. From hardcore raiding in world top 20 guilds, to realm first achievements and virtually any aspect of the game, we've seen and done it all!

Awesome Support

We'll always be there for you via email to answer your questions or guide you through the WoW account unban process.



As a general rule of thumb, we can provide our WoW Classic and WoW Unban Service for virtually any alleged offense or accusation, except the ones that we'll list below, under "Types of WoW bans we can't help with".

Regardless of what you're being accused of, there's a LOT of room for mistake when dealing with a game as popular as WoW. Over the years, we've encountered players which we managed to help get unbanned from WoW, accused of pretty much any type of offense, a lot of which, funny enough, turned out to be completely innocent.

That being said, among the most popular types of bans for which we offer our services, we can help with allegations of:

  • Usage of third party software (bots, combat routines, LUA unlockers, etc.);
  • Exploiting;
  • Clever use of game mechanics;
  • Win trading;
  • PvP boosting;
  • PvE boosting;
  • Powerleveling;
  • Account sharing;
  • Selling or buying gold;
  • Advertising WoW carries in LFG;
  • Selling or buying accounts;
  • Toxicity;
  • Any other accusation that isn't listed below.


We do NOT offer our WoW account unban services for accounts involved in allegations of: usage of fake IDs, chargebacks, refunds, fraud, scamming of real-life currency or goods, extreme harassment or real-life threats or any other illegal activity!


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  • 5 tickets
  • 1 account
  • Customized Letters and Tickets
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  • 20 tickets
  • Up to 2 accounts
  • Customized Letters and Tickets
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  • Placing the order

    After selecting one of our WoW unban service packages, complete the form with the required information about your case. The more detailed the info is, the better we can defend you!

  • Waiting time

    The time it takes to receive the tickets is usually short, but it can (very rarely) take up to 24h if we have a lot of customers in the queue, or a lot of VIP package customers, which provides priority, or if it's a WoW ban wave. You should also take into consideration the timezone and that we're also humans, and sometimes we do sleep, eat and such! 😀

  • Receiving your tickets

    After we receive your order, we'll start writing your first ticket, which we'll send to you through the mail you've placed in our order form, so make sure to check that mail frequently (and its Spam folder).

  • Sending the tickets to Blizzard

    Once we sent you the first ticket, you'll need to send it to Blizzard yourself, just as if you wrote it, as it needs to come from your IP and account, to which we do NOT ask for password. Once they reply, mail us back with their answer, and we'll write the next ticket based on their reply.

  • Important Notes / Short FAQ

    • The time it takes for Blizzard to get back to you, especially during a WoW ban wave is not something we can control. It can take anything from a few hours to a few days to hear back from them after you send a ticket;
    • We are in no way endorsed, affiliated or otherwise associated in any way, shape or form with Blizzard. We also don't know GMs or anything of that nature. Our entire service relies on writing and social skills designed to get your WoW and WoW Classic account unbanned, and nothing else;
    • We can only write in English, and although Blizzard Support is trained in multiple languages, you can either send the ticket as is (in English), or translate it yourself into your language if you wish, and if it's part of Blizzard's Customer Support (such as German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, etc.);
    • Due to the nature of the service, we cannot guarantee a 100% success chance, as it is ultimately a writing service designed to get you unbanned from WoW, and nothing else in the form of a software or anything;
    • And lastly, as a bonus for reading this process or our FAQ, please feel free to use the 3% discount coupon "readfaq" ! 😀