Fiver Package

29.99$ 24.99$

This package offers 5 custom made unbanning tickets. You can upgrade it, by just paying the difference, to:

  • Hotshot – in addition, it offers Skype support and a FREE Random Steam Key;
  • VIP – in addition, it offers priority, Skype support, FREE random Steam key, and the possibility to use the tickets for up to 2 accounts;

Contact us if you need an upgrade.


With this option, you can get the bare minimum of tickets that sometimes are enough to conclude a case, or to at least form an idea as to where your account stands. Needless to say, the ticket quality and care is exactly the same as in any other package we offer, so don’t worry about that when you’re making up your mind!

This package is usually recommended if priority isn’t very important (such as missing out on a raid, running out of time for rank climbing, expiring in-game auctions, etc.), if you haven’t contacted Customer Service yet, and if your account has never been banned before.


If after spending all 5 tickets of your Fiver Package, you still find yourself in need of more tickets, you can upgrade to either Hotshot or VIP package just by paying the difference of price!


This package can only be used for one account at a time!

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