Unban service 20 tickets and steam key

VIP Package


The all-star package! Whether your case is more difficult, or you're running against the clock to make sure you'll be on time for your in-game scheduled events, this is the right package for you, with 20 letters and top of the queue priority! Oh, and we'll also give you a random Steam key for FREE!

Product Description

The name says it all, no? With the downside of no more upgrades, since this package has it all, VIP is designed to suit all needs, regardless of ban reason (see FAQ). You’ll receive an amazingly fast and professional support, both in terms of tickets and questions you might have, and will receive priority over any other Lucky or Hotshot customer, as in we’ll move you in front of the queue line, having a different queue of only VIP customers.

The VIP package is designed to get you back into the game as fast as possible so you don’t miss any raids or events you might want to attend, but the ban is preventing you from doing so. The only downtime you might experience is merely the time it will take the game’s Customer Support to get back to you, as well as the time you might take to forward us the reply they’ve given you. Once you request your next ticket, we’ll get on top of it right away.

Overall, the VIP package is by far the most advantageous package, since it contains pretty much everything a customer could wish: top of the queue priority and 20 letters, which should be more than enough to make or break any case!

This package can only be used for one account at a time!

The random Steam key:

  • The key is purchased by us from a 3rd party website;
  • It’s offered for FREE to every customer who acquires this package;
  • It’s not our fault if in some cases the games won’t work on certain operating systems, PC hardware configurations, etc.;
  • You will receive the Steam key with your first ticket that will send you.