Hotshot Package


Hotshot is a 10 tickets package designed to suit general needs of banned accounts. Usually, 10 tickets are enough to seal the deal, and if you're not in a rush, this package might be the way to go!

Can be upgraded to VIP (contact us for an upgrade).


Hotshot is the package that fits general needs. It doesn’t have priority over others, like the VIP has, but it does have up to 20 letters that we will write for you in order to get your account unbanned.

At a very affordable price, this is the best package for you if time is not of the essence in terms of raids, expansions, patches, and so on, or if you simply have an old account you’d like to recover.

The Hotshot package is designed for a bit more complicated cases, such as ban waves and cases where you’ve already contacted Customer Support yourself, where a couple of tickets might just not cut it, as well as for customers who just want to jump straight to business and make sure they’ve got enough letters for the job, without having to upgrade from the Lucky package.

If you decide that the 10 letters, or the regular wait time doesn’t cut it for you anymore, you can always upgrade to VIP at any point by just paying the difference of price and gaining 10 extra letters plus priority over the Lucky and Hotshot package customers. Note that the priority will be given for the remaining tickets of Hotshot + the 10 you’ll gain from VIP. For instance, if you decide to upgrade after you have used 5 tickets (out of the 10 of Hotshot), you’ll gain the VIP priority for the remaining 5 of Hotshot + the 10 from VIP, totaling 15.

This package can only be used for one account at a time!

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