The Future of Advertising In-Game WoW Carries

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Recently, Blizzard updated their policy in regards to in-game advertising. This is solely pertaining to the services known as WoW carries or boosts, such as weekly mythic +10 or +15. What this means, essentially is that you can no longer start a group design to boost or carry other players, even if it’s for in-game gold. The purpose behind this …

Earn Free Overwatch League Tokens by Watching the OWL Stream

You Can Earn Free Overwatch League Tokens by Watching the OWL Stream

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Earlier yesterday, some Overwatch players were able to earn themselves some free Overwatch League Tokens just by watching the OWL Stream on Twitch! Although confirmed to be just a test for now, for those who had their accounts linked to Twitch, it’s clearly a feature Blizzard will implement in the near future. As part of the agreement with Twitch, …


Who Won the BlizzCon 2017 Championship for Each Game

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After discussing about the announcements made during this year’s convention, I decided to make another summary post, but this time regarding who won the BlizzCon 2017 Global Championships, for each game. Needless to say, this is a HUGE SPOILER, so if you plan on actually watching the games and finding out for yourself, don’t read below! BlizzCon 2017 Overwatch World …

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Mercy is Getting Nerfed in Overwatch… Again

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I was going to write about the previous nerf, but then I thought I’ll just wait it out a bit, until they nerf her again, and just write it then (now). So here we are, at the 4th (I think) Mercy nerf in Overwatch. Of course, when you hear news about any Mercy nerf, you instantly think about her resurrection …