The Future of Advertising In-Game WoW Carries

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Recently, Blizzard updated their policy in regards to in-game advertising. This is solely pertaining to the services known as WoW carries or boosts, such as weekly mythic +10 or +15. What this means, essentially is that you can no longer start a group design to boost or carry other players, even if it’s for in-game gold. The purpose behind this …

Destiny 2

The First Destiny 2 Ban Wave on October, 2017

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One day after its release, Bungie has already issued its first Destiny 2 ban wave. Despite being denied by them, a lot of players have stated on both reddit and official forums that their accounts have been permanently banned for no reason. Although the Destiny 2 ban wave was issued as if it were related to cheating, it’s quite clear …

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game Unban Wave Next Patch

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Yup, you’ve read that right, unban wave! Some players which were previously banned for cheating or exploiting in Friday the 13th: The Game, will be unbanned and given a second chance as of next patch update! Although this has sparked some quite intense conversation (read: drama) on both the official F13 forums and reddit, Ben Strauss, one of the game’s …

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Third Party Software WoW Ban Wave on October, 2017

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The history repeats itself – every 6 months apparently – on this Friday the 13th (yup), with a new ban wave, this time for usage of third party software in WoW, after the previously win trading one. This time around, Blizzard tried their best to hit any third party software used by players in order to gain unfair advantages, that …

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Blizzard is Working on a New Overwatch Secret Project

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Two weeks after announcing that they’re working on a new MMO RTS for mobile, Blizzard has started getting together a team for a new secret Overwatch project! According to their listing on their careers page, they’re seeking a Generalist Artist Intern for the summer of 2018, which possesses “knowledge and understanding of the Overwatch universe” and has “demonstrated experience modeling …