How to Get Unbanned from XDefiant (Guide and Service)

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The only way through which you can get unbanned from XDefiant is by submitting a ban appeal. Nothing else can help, so don’t bother looking for specific software or VPNs in this regard.

First thing to keep in mind is the ban reason. This can happen due to:

  • cheating (aimbot, wallhack, radar, ESP) and other such third party software;
  • toxicity, trolling or griefing;
  • account sharing and boosting;
  • RMT;
  • using bugs, exploits or glitches to your advantage.

The second thing is the degree of your offense. A cheating accusation (especially if unfair) is much easier to overturn compared to an extreme toxicity one (which stands close to no chance).

Having that said, let’s cut to the chase and see how you can recover your banned XDefiant account!

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Submitting an XDefiant Ban Appeal

In order to get unbanned from XDefiant, you must submit a ban appeal as such:

  • go to Ubisoft’s Support Center here and log into your Ubisoft account;
  • select “XDefiant” under “Game / Service“;
  • choose the platform you play on (such as PC);
  • pick the “Player Reporting and Sanctions” category, followed by the “Appeal a Ban” sub-category;
  • write your ban appeal in the “Description” field. This is where we can come in handy, should you require our professional and customized unban service, designed to help you unban your XDefiant account!
How to Submit an XDefiant Ban Appeal

Once that’s done, simply press the “Open Case” below the form, and your XDefiant ban appeal will be sent to Ubisoft Customer Support for review. Once they have an answer for you, you’ll be notified via your account’s email address.

That’s it! Hopefully our guide was helpful with regard to successfully appealing your XDefiant banned account, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

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