How to Get Unbanned from Pokemon Go in 2024

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In this article, we’ll cover how to submit a Pokemon Go ban appeal in order to get unbanned from Pokemon Go and go back on your daily hunts! As one of the most popular mobile games ever created, Pokemon Go has garnered a massive following. However, in order to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all, Niantic takes …

13 Awesome Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

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Pokémon Go took the world by a shock and revolutionized Augmented Reality gaming. As one of the most played online games, it has generated more than a hundred million downloads from the Google Play store itself. With almost seamless inception of the AR concept into this gaming, it has provided gamers across the world with an amazing experience. The interactive …

Pokemon Go Permanent Ban Wave in August, 2016

Pokemon Go Permanent Ban Wave in August, 2016

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For a few days now, there’s been a lot of speculation behind the infamous and much dreaded “Failed to get game data from the server” error. Theories ranged from anything related to just server issues, to IP / device blacklists to the very worse one, namely a permanent ban. Niantic has yet to confirm that the “Failed to get game …

how to remove the catch flee soft ban in pokemon go

How to Remove the Catch Flee Soft Ban in Pokemon Go

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There’s been a lot of confusion lately regarding the actions taken against Pokemon Go players involved in cheating activities, such as GPS spoofing, using bots and other 3rd party software, like snipers and such. These actions vary from regular soft bans to catch flee soft bans, and even IP blacklists and/or allegedly permanent bans, in the form of the “Failed …

Pokemon Go Bot Developers Threatened

Pokemon Go Bot Developers Threatened With Cease and Desist Letters

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It seems that Niantic has started to take quite some action against third party software developers and their bots, by serving the former with cease and desist letters, and updating Pokemon Go to render the latter obsolete, for now at least. Earlier this week, Mila432, a famous Pokemon Go reverse engineer who released an API that facilitates tracking websites and …