PUBG Ban Wave on December, 2018

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It seems that PUBG has issued an update on December 19, 2018, which caused a massive amount of players to get banned immediately after, for accusations of cheating. Despite a large number of players claiming that the bans were issued to allegations that took place up to 7 months ago, most affected players claim the issue was in regards to …

how to appeal PUBG ban

PUBG Unban Appeal Guide and Video – Updated for 2019

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With a continuous increase in PUBG’s playerbase and popularity, naturally, the bans against players suspected of cheating have also increased directly proportional. As PUBG’s way to appeal a ban is a bit more confusing than most other games, we decided to write this short tutorial on how to contact PUBG support. Whether you’ve gotten a BattlEye, Developer or VAC ban, …