Mobile Legends Unban Account Appeal Guide for 2024

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In this post, we’ll cover a step by step guide on how to submit a Mobile Legends unban account appeal in order to get unbanned from Mobile Legends, if for any reason, this happens to you.

There’s no secret that Mobile Legends is one of the most popular mobile games out there, as well as a big rival to League of Legends. That said, just as it happens with LoL, the competition can get the better of some players. And this, in turn, will result in said players getting banned from Mobile Legends.

So, cutting to the chase, let’s see what can get an account banned from Mobile Legends!

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What Can Get Your Account Banned from Mobile Legends?

To ensure you don’t break any rules, as you might not even be aware of some of them, thoroughly read Mobile Legends’ Terms of Service here.

That said, as with basically every other online game, the most common reasons for which you can get banned from Mobile Legends are:

  • cheating of any kind, including plugins, bots, scripts and maphacks;
  • toxicity and harassment towards others;
  • buying, selling or sharing accounts;
  • buying or selling in-game currency outside of the game.
Mobile Legends Banned Account

If you cherish your account and don’t want to risk having it banned, it’s best to steer away from any of the above offenses. More so, even so much as installing a plugin without using it can lead to your Mobile Legends account banned, as confirmed in their official news report here.

However, bans can also be issued by mistake or as a result of a false positive. In such case, there isn’t anything you can do to prevent it from happening. What you can do though, is submit an appeal in order to get unbanned from Mobile Legends, which we’ll cover below.

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How to Get Unbanned from Mobile Legends

Unlike most other games, the Mobile Legends unban appeal process is a lot easier to fill and submit, as it’s basically just an email address. Specifically, you can contact the developers at [email protected] as well as their Customer Support at [email protected].

Before doing so, make sure to contact them from your Mobile Legends’ account email address, to confirm you’re the account owner.

The subject of your Mobile Legends unban account appeal form should be a concise one, such as “Mobile Legends Ban Appeal”.

As for the description, that’s where you’ll need to write your Mobile Legends ban appeal. This is also where we can come in handy, should you require our professional and customized Mobile Legends unban service designed to help you get unbanned from Mobile Legends.

If you have any supporting evidence, you can attach that as well in the email, otherwise you can send it as it is. Make sure to keep an eye on that email address, as well as the Spam folder, as that’s where they’ll get back to you after reviewing your case.

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully our guide was helpful regarding your banned Mobile Legends account, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

Need help with a banned Mobile Legends account?

We're here to give you the best help in order to get you unbanned!

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  1. I just delete the mod cuz it’s not working and I install the original one and I open it so I got banned (correct my grammar)

    1. My account got banned due to cheats, i’ll admit it that i used some cheats but the cheats that i used are some kind of visual skin or script mod skin,i know to myself that i did the biggest mistake in mylife and that is when i used some cheat.I hope that you can all accept my message apology,because it is the only account that i have, even though i tried to delete it, it still the same account that was banned.I think that my phone cannot accept more accounts in ML because of that.

  2. Third-party application has been deleted.Please close the application and login the game again! #pls do not use hacking apps while playing mobile legend:bang bang! Your account may be banned permanently

  3. I’m not trashtalking in game I just tell my team to defense tower but they’re stubborn and solo jungle while they play as exp and midlane. I can’t do anything with those players. Honestly I’m not trashtalk in game.

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