LoL Unban Appeal Guide Updated for 2022

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In this article we’ll go over how you should submit a LoL unban appeal in order to get unbanned from LoL!

It’s no secret that League of Legends is one of the most played and popular games in the world, and since it’s a full blown PvP game, it’s bound to get intense, and at times, even frustrating. With that in mind, there are quite a few reasons for which LoL players can get their accounts banned, but unlike most other games, the predominant offense when it comes to League of Legends bans is chat toxicity, followed by scripting.

So, if you’re among the unlucky ones that got their LoL account banned one way or another, this guide’s for you!

For the mobile version of the game, please check our article on how to submit a Wild Rift unban appeal.

LoL 2 weeks suspension changed to 25 chat restriction

Can You Get Unbanned from LoL?

Short answer is, yes. Long answer is, well, yes, however, the skepticism behind getting unbanned from LoL is quite solid, and perhaps, rightfully so.

The thing is that, yes, you can get your LoL account unbanned, however, not everyone can get unbanned from LoL, since naturally, you are appealing for your ban, and not just clicking an option to unban your account.

A lot of people are reluctant to even so much as appeal their League of Legends ban, because of other cases they heard about, with people saying it’s “impossible” to get your LoL account unbanned. That’s not true, however, it’s obvious that not every single case will be unbanned from LoL, as there are a lot of other circumstances to take into account when appealing for a LoL unban, namely:

  • the actual offense for which your suspended LoL account;
  • prior offenses (especially in toxicity cases);
  • the way you address Riot Support.

For example, Riot is extremely serious when it comes to real life threats, and yes, that “3 letter word” that nobody should say to someone else, counts as a horrible threat as well.

However, if the offense you were banned for isn’t a grim real life threat taken to the extreme, you definitely stand a good chance to get unbanned from LoL, especially with our help with providing you with the customized written unban letters.

Unbanned from LoL Toxicity Ban

One of our many positive reviews for LoL unbans (click on the image to zoom it)

Now, let’s see how to submit the actual LoL unban appeal!

How to Submit a LoL Unban Appeal

In order to start your LoL unban appeal process in order to get unbanned from LoL, you first need to go on the Riot Support page, and log into your account (and select the correct region), on the upper right corner.

Once you logged into your LoL account, choose “League of Legends” from the game list then scroll to the bottom of the next page, and click on the red “Submit a ticket” button.

How to appeal a LoL Ban


Now, once you’re on the Submit a request form, you need to complete the fields as such:

  • under “Choose a request type”, select “Discuss a personal suspension, ban or restriction“;
  • Under “Subject”, type something concise yet descriptive, such as “LoL ban appeal”;
  • Now, for the fun part, namely the Description field, that’s where we come in handy, should you require our professional and customized League of Legends unban service designed to help you get unbanned from LoL;
  • Under “Please select your inquiry”, select the appropriate issue for your case, such as “Discuss game bans”;
  • For the “Which duration of penalty did you receive?”, choose the type of penalty you received, namely:
    • for any temporary suspensions, select the timeframe between 1 to 30 days;
    • for a permanent ban, choose “31+ days”;
  • Based on the type of ban you received, under “Do you know why your account was suspended”, choose the following:
    • for toxicity bans, select “Inappropriate Chat Communication / In-Game Behavior”;
    • for bans pertaining to cheating accusations, select “Third Party Programs”;
    • for bans as a result of having your account compromised, choose “Hacked / Compromised Account”;
    • if you genuinely don’t know why your LoL account was banned, pick “Unsure”;
  • Attach any relevant files, if any.
How to Get Unbanned from LoL


Note that for “Hacked / Compromised Account” ban appeals, you’ll be further prompted with a few extra forms to verify your ownership, as well as to help isolating the incident, so you should have your account ownership information ready for the appeal.

Once you’ve completed the form for your LoL unban appeal, press the Submit button, and your ticket will be sent to Riot Customer Support!

Now all that’s left to do now is wait until Riot reviews your League of Legends ban appeal and get back to you with their reply via mail. As a hint though, make sure to check the Spam folder as well! Best of luck!

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  1. If I was perma banned three months ago, can I still have my account back?
    Im not sure if my message have went through, so Im sending another one here

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      We can definitely do our very best to help you get unbanned regardless of how much time passed since that happened! 🙂

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          Heya! You should be able to see the duration of your ban when trying to log into the game. Additionally, you might’ve received an email informing you about the punishment you received.

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