How to Get Unbanned from League of Legends in 2023

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In this article we’ll go over how you should submit a LoL ticket request in order to get unbanned from League of Legends!

It’s no secret that League of Legends is one of the most played and popular games in the world. And, as a full blown PvP game, it gets intense and at times, even frustrating.

With that in mind, there are quite a few reasons for which LoL players land a ban on their accounts. But, unlike most other games, the predominant offense when it comes to League of Legends bans is chat toxicity, followed by scripting.

This guide is intended for those who have had their LoL account banned. For temporary suspensions, it’s usually best to just wait it out.

For the mobile version of the game, please check our article on how to submit a Wild Rift unban appeal.

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Can You Unban a League of Legends Account?

Short answer is, yes. Long answer is, well, it depends. There is significant skepticism about whether it is possible to get unbanned from LoL. But there’s a reason for that.

For example, here are a few cases with almost no chance of an unban in League:

  • hate speech, slurs, threats.;
  • chargebacks (unless you pay back the amount);
  • extreme gifting abuse.

The entire process to unban a League of Legends account revolves around submitting a ticket request to appeal your ban. There is no special software, nor a particular Rioter that does that for a living.

A lot of players are reluctant to submit a League unban request due to stories from others claiming it’s impossible.

It’s definitely not impossible (apart from the above-mentioned), and here are a few more key things that matter:

  • the accusation behind your suspended LoL account;
  • prior offenses (especially in toxicity cases);
  • your behavior upon submitting the unban request.

The Accusation Behind Your Restriction

There are quite a few reasons behind account restrictions, such as:

  • cheating (scripts, bots, automated tools);
  • toxicity (your behavior towards others);
  • griefing (AFKing, refusing to participate, leaving games);
  • boosting (account sharing, ELO, MMR, level, skins);
  • real money transactions (currency, gifts, stolen payment information).

Based on our analysis of the latest 1315 bans in League of Legends that we’ve dealt with (outside of ban waves), we have found that the most common reasons for bans, in descending order, are: toxicity, allegations of cheating, boosting, and gifting abuse.

League of Legends Ban Statistics

These four categories account for a significant proportion of the total bans in the game, indicating their importance in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. By understanding these common ban reasons, players can take steps to avoid violating the game’s rules and potentially face a ban.

Note that while most account restrictions relate to toxicity, there are a few different ways to be toxic in League, some worse than others.

You have a good chance of getting unbanned from League of Legends as long as you were not punished for hate speech, real life threats, or slurs.

Need help getting unbanned from LoL?

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Prior Offenses and Suspensions

Your account’s history is also quite relevant when you submit a request to have your League of Legends account unbanned.

In that regard, this only applies to toxicity, griefing and boosting bans. Cheating almost always carries a permaban, so it’s very rare to have had previous suspensions on the same account, for the same reason.

According to Riot, the escalation process for toxicity usually is:

  • 3 day chat restriction;
  • 7 day chat restriction;
  • 2 week account suspension;
  • permanent ban.

However, there are cases where they can issue a permanent ban right after a 3-day chat restriction, for example. This happens in cases of extreme toxicity though.

If you received a permanent ban shortly after a chat restriction, and your chat logs are not terrible, you have a good chance of getting unbanned from LoL.

Overturned League of Legends Ban
Yet another happy customer we’ve helped overturn their LoL restriction

Your Behavior Upon Submitting a LoL Unban Appeal

From our experience handling League of Legends ban appeals, we’ve seen cases where players have tried to contact Riot Games Support themselves, only to be rude or make threats (of any kind). We want to emphasize that this behavior is never helpful and can even decrease (to as low as zero) the chances of getting your account unbanned.

When submitting a League of Legends ban appeal, it’s crucial to remain respectful and avoid any aggressive behavior. At Unbanster, we’re here to guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary support to recover your account. Our team’s expertise and experience can help you streamline the appeal process and increase your chances of success.

Thus, you should always be on your best possible behavior when submitting a LoL unban appeal request. No matter what you’re going through that day, don’t take it out on Riot Support.

More so, when appealing a toxicity ban, do not be:

  • demanding;
  • assertive;
  • aggressive;
  • arrogant;
  • condescending.

And, regardless of any circumstances, do not be rude, offensive and don’t threaten them or yourself.

Toxicity is all about reformation, and you need to show that you are a reformed player. Anything else will not result in your LoL account being unbanned,

Last but not least, if you were punished for being toxic, don’t blame it on someone else. Your account is your responsibility. Account sharing is also against the rules, so unless it was compromised, you are responsible for any actions taken on it.

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At Unbanster, our team of experienced League of Legends players has helped numerous happy clients appeal and overturn their bans for various reasons, including toxicity, cheating and boosting.

We understand the frustration and disappointment that comes with a banned account, and we are dedicated to providing effective and trustworthy services to help you recover your account. Our team’s expertise and experience can help you navigate the unban appeal process and increase your chances of getting unbanned from League of Legends.

Now, let’s see how to submit the actual League of Legends unban ticket!

How to Get Unbanned from League of Legends

Time needed: 5 minutes

To start your LoL unban appeal process, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to their Support page here;

    You can log into your Riot account at this point, if you’re still able to do so.

  2. Choose the reason for your LoL ticket;

    For your League unban request, select “Discuss a personal suspension, ban or restriction”.League of Legends Ticket Request

  3. Input your subject;

    Depending on your issue, this can be “LoL ban appeal”, “Unable to log in” or “Can’t access my account”.Submitting a LoL Unban Appeal

  4. Select your inquiry;

    To appeal a League ban, choose “Discuss Game Bans”.

  5. Pick the duration of your penalty;

    For permabans, go with “31+ days”. For anything else, such as suspensions, choose between 1 and 30 days.

  6. Choose the reason for your restriction;

    For toxicity, select “Inappropriate Chat Communication or In-Game Behavior”. For cheating, that’s “Third Party Software”. If you don’t know, choose “Unsure”.How to Submit a League Ban Appeal

  7. Write your LoL ban appeal description.

    We’ve got your back on this one! Since 2015, we’ve successfully overturned countless similar situations with our professional and customized unban service, all aimed to help you get unbanned from LoL;How to Write Your League of Legends Unban Appeal

Looking to unban your League of Legends account?

We’re here to assist you with your ban appeal process!

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Hacked League Account Unban Request

Note that for “Hacked / Compromised Account” ban appeals, they will ask you a set of extra questions to verify your ownership.

You should have your account ownership information ready for the appeal. Regardless, here’s what you should expect:

  • your username, Riot ID, tag and Summoner name;
  • your current IP, email address as well as all other emails used on the account;
  • the date and location where the account was created;
  • whether or not any friends or family had access to your account;
  • any other Riot games you play on the account;
  • explanation of how you lost access to the account;
  • what purchases you made on the account;
  • payment method verification (transaction IDs, specific digits).

You must, to the best of your ability, answer a big chunk of these questions in order to recover your League of Legends account.

After completing the form for your LoL unban appeal, press the “Submit” button to send your ticket to Riot Customer Support.

How to Get Unbanned from LoL

The final step is to wait for Riot to review your ticket request and provide a response about whether your LoL account will be unbanned. As a hint though, make sure to check the Spam folder as well! Best of luck and remember, we’re here for you!

League of Legends Unban Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding League account unbans. If you got one yourself, make sure to drop it in the comments below the article!

1. Was Tyler1 unbanned?

Yes and no. Unlike most bans, Tyler1 was ID banned. That means that he was forbidden, as a person, to play League altogether. No matter on what account.
Merely his ID ban was lifted, allowing him to play on a brand new account. Tyler1 did not get his LoL account unbanned.

2. Is it possible to get unbanned in League of Legends?

Yes. But, as we mentioned above, this depends on a few circumstances, including your ban reason.
You will not get unbanned for extreme toxicity (threats, slurs, hate speech, racism) or chargebacks (unless you pay back the disputed amount).

3. How long do League bans last?

That depends on the nature of your suspension. Chat restrictions last for 3 to 7 days.
Account suspensions last for 14 days. Permanent bans are indefinite.

4. How to remove a perma ban in LoL?

The only way to remove a LoL perma ban is by submitting an appeal. Make sure to follow our guide above.

5. How do I unsuspend my League of Legends account?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easier to remove a LoL permanent ban than to lift a suspension.
Usually, if appealing a suspension, Riot knows you have the option to wait it out. Thus, they will recommend it. But, they have removed temporary suspensions too, so it’s definitely not impossible.

6. When will my League account be unbanned?

If your toxicity appeal is successful, your LoL account is unbanned after 14 days. Riot almost always adjusts permanent bans to temporary suspensions instead.
For any other ban reason, if the action is overturned, you will get unbanned right away.

7. Will a LoL unban reset my account’s history?

If you get unbanned following a toxicity penalty, it is considered your last chance.
You will not go through the same penalty escalation system with chat restrictions or suspensions.
If you fall down the same toxicity path, you will get perma banned again.

Want to Unban Your League Account?

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  1. If I was perma banned three months ago, can I still have my account back?
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      We can definitely do our very best to help you get unbanned regardless of how much time passed since that happened! 🙂

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          Heya! You should be able to see the duration of your ban when trying to log into the game. Additionally, you might’ve received an email informing you about the punishment you received.

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      Heya! You can and definitely should appeal the ban. In fact, if that’s the case, Riot should have more than enough evidence to confirm that your account was compromised and banned as a result of that.

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