9 Fun League of Legends Facts

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If you’re familiar with even the littlest things in the world of gaming, League of Legends has to be one of them. This is a game so massive, that its player base simply puts everything else in the gaming industry to shame. League of Legends has been around for a while, and Riot Games’ crown jewel has a ton of interesting things about it.

So, here are 9 fun League of Legends facts that we bet you didn’t know!

League of Legends’ Competitor Was Created by the Same Person!

It’s funny how the original creator for the DOTA mod for Warcraft III was never scouted by Blizzard.

Steve “Guinsoo” Feak was the designer of the DOTA mod for Warcraft III. The mod became so insanely popular that it ended up becoming a full-scale game afterwards anyways. He was later scouted by Riot Games and became the founding father in League of Legends. Dota and League of Legends share the same creator!

Riot Customer Support

Contrary to popular belief and yet another fun League of Legends fact is that Riot has one of the best Customer Support departments out there! Regardless of encountering an issue in the game or appealing to get unbanned from LoL, Riot has some of the kindest and most empathic Support agents, always keen to help and go out of their way to ensure their players receive the best care!

Of course, their ability to help depends on the nature of the issue as well, but compared to the Support departments of other games, from our experience, we rank them as the #1 Customer Support department with respect to how fast they answer and how thorough, kind and professional they are.

Lissandra’s Secret Monologue…

Lissandra is everyone’s favorite Ice Queen, and she has a special secret at the end of Howling Abyss.

If you stay at the victory screen of ARAM for at least 30 seconds, Lissandra will begin a unique monologue. This monologue isn’t a short endeavor either as it lasts for around 2 minutes and can be one of the best things to help you learn a bit more about the game’s lore.

League of Legends has a Partnership with this Highly Popular Fashion Brand!

League of Legends is the biggest name in the world of gaming, so it’s only logical that they were going to have big collaborations.

Louis Vuitton is the biggest partner in Riot Games’ portfolio at the moment, and the company’s been working with League of Legends for a while. In 2019, League of Legends’ largest tournament took place. The Trophy case for the 2019 League of Legends Worlds tournament was actually designed by Louis Vuitton! They also helped in creating the ‘True Damage’ line of skins, which was a massive hit among the League of Legends player base!

The Origin of Zilean’s Name!

The Great Chronokeeper Zilean’s name actually has a fun origin story behind it.

Zilean is actually named after a design director at Riot Games. Tom “Zileas” Cadwell is a fantastic Riot Games developer who has been with the team for a while. He’s previously worked at Blizzard, and was credited with working on Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft.

Warwick’s Skin, The Darkest Lore in League of Legends!

Warwick’s Urfwick Skin has a horrifying piece of lore behind it, and there is nothing that compares to this level of monstrosity in LoL’s other stories.

The story revolves around Urf, a creature who was happily swimming within the waters, near Summoner’s Rift. However, after being stalked a while by a blood hunter, he was brutally attacked and murdered on the spot. The legends tell the tale of how loudly Urf screamed, as his screams were heard throughout the rift. The only thing left of Urf was his skin, which the killer now adorns upon himself as coat.

Fun LoL Facts Urfwick Skin

Source: twitter.com/moobeat

The Beginning of it All!

While it’s true that Singed might still be one of the most haunting and overpowered characters in the game, looking back at the origin of League, Singed was the beginning of it all!

Singed was in fact the very first character that the team at Riot Games had designed when working on League of Legends. Moverover, to signify that he is the very first character to be designed, his name is a straight up anagram for the word ‘design’.

Jhin’s Obsession with the Number 4!

Jhin is the biggest meme in the League of Legends community for his peculiar obsession with the number 4.

It’s kind of insane how this character thinks aggressively about the number 4. Everything around his design points to that number. The biggest example of this is his name, if you head to your phone and type Jhin, you will notice that it draws the number 4. It’s such a well thought out design choice, that Jhin has become one of the most well recognized League of Legends characters!

Fun League of Legends Facts Jhin number 4

League of Legends Esports!

There is genuinely nothing that can compare to the sheer size of League of Legends Esports and nothing even comes close.

League of Legends Esports is by far the largest Esports in the history of gaming. It has the largest prize pools, and it also has the largest viewership. League of Legends’ viewership has constantly been at the top of the Esports market, and it has been that way for years. It has been watched for a total of 664.1 Million Hours, and it had reached a peak viewership count of 4.1 Million. This is by far the highest number in the history of Esports!

That said, you might want to throw an eye on our list of fun Fortnite facts as well!

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