How to Submit an Appeal for BDO Account Unban

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As several other games, Black Desert Online uses the very same ZenDesk Support service, and thus, it has a quite easy way of handling and dealing with customers’ tickets.

Regardless, when you just found out that your account has been banned, it can get a bit blurry in terms of how exactly you’re supposed to appeal for a BDO unban, so here’s a step by step guide on how to contact BDO Support to appeal your ban.

Submitting a BDO Account Unban Appeal

  • First of all, log into your BDO account on the official website, on the top-right LOGIN button;
  • Once you’re logged in, the top-right “LOGIN” button will change to “SUPPORT”, and that’s where you need to proceed with the click;
  • On the Support page, scroll to the very bottom of the page, and under “Issue not resolved?” and click on Send a ticket;
  • From here, choose the 4th option (“ACCOUNT”), then proceed to completing the form accurately, as such:
    • What is your issue related to?: Ban or Suspension Appeal;
    • Subject: Appealing my BDO account’s ban (or any other concise relevant subject);
    • Your email address: Enter the email address of your BDO account;
    • Description: Here’s where we come in handy, should you require our professional and customized BDO unban service designed to get your BDO account unbanned;
    • Family Name: The surname of your BDO character (which applies to all other alt characters);
    • Character Name: Your character’s name, in case the action for which you got banned happened on a specific character;
    • Region: The region on which your account was playing on (Europe or North America);
    • Attachments: Any screenshots or documents that could be considered helpful evidence to get your BDO account unbanned.

Once you’ve completed the form for your BDO unban appeal, submit it and then proceed to checking your email, as you’ll be receiving a verification link, on which you need to click to verify your account’s identity and confirm the appeal submission.

Note: Your ticket will NOT be sent until you click on the verification link that you receive on your email, after submitting the ban appeal form!

Now that everything is done, wait until they review your BDO account unban appeal and get back to you with their reply. Good luck!

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