How to Get Unbanned from MapleStory in 2023

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Below, we’ll go through all the steps required to submit a MapleStory ban appeal in order to get unbanned from MapleStory!

Although sending a MapleStory ban appeal is a bit more straightforward than most other games, it can still get a bit confusing. That is, especially in the heat of the moment when you just found out that your MapleStory account was banned.

But, first let’s see what can get you banned from MapleStory, so you know what to avoid going forward!

What Gets Your Account Banned from MapleStory?

As with every popular online game, Nexon too takes rule-breaking very seriously. As a result, any account suspected of breaking the rules will get permanently banned from MapleStory.

With that in mind, here’s what leads to a MapleStory ban:

  • cheating of any type (bots, software, macros, automation tools);
  • using in-game exploits, bugs or glitches;
  • teaming up with other cheaters to reap rewards (even if you’re not using any software);
  • toxicity, harassment and any offensive remarks (including in-game names);
  • selling, sharing or buying MapleStory accounts;
  • false reporting or asking others to mass report a player;
  • real-money transactions, such as NX or Meso.

Thus, if you’ve been unbanned from MapleStory, make sure to never engage in any of the above in order to keep your account safe.

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My Nexon Account is Blocked

Getting your Nexon account blocked or banned is different from an account ban in MapleStory.

In that regard, you can only get your Nexon account blocked due to:

  • abusing the Support system;
  • payment issues;
  • account compromises.

However, the most common reason for which a Nexon account is blocked is due to abusing the Support system.

What this means, is that after getting banned from MapleStory, some players decide to send tons of ban appeals. Or, even bumping them if the GMs didn’t yet get a chance to review the case or get back to them.

They usually issue a warning prior to banning your Nexon account. If the behavior is continued, they’ll proceed with it.

That said, you can still submit a MapleStory ban appeal, but you’ll need a new account for it, just for Support purposes.

You can do that right here.

Can You Unban a MapleStory Account?

Yes, you can get unbanned from MapleStory.

However, that doesn’t apply to every single situation or ban out there.

Unbanned from MapleStory

For example, if your MapleStory account is banned for extreme harassment, threats or slurs, you stand close to no chance to unban your MapleStory account. There’s also no point in even submitting a ban appeal about it.

Apart from that and anything related to extreme toxicity, here are a few other reasons for which you won’t get unbanned in MapleStory:

  • fraudulent purchases;
  • being involved in the compromise of other accounts;
  • scamming other players.

For the above-mentioned, we’re also unable to help you regarding our customized writing services for your MapleStory ban appeal.

On the other hand, if you’re banned and accused of cheating, RMT, sharing your account and so forth, you stand a decent chance at getting your MapleStory ban overturned. In this regard, we’re also able to help you, should you wish to give our services a shot!

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That said, there are a few things that can affect your ban appeal, namely:

  • your behavior upon contacting Nexon;
  • the number of times you’ve contacted them;
  • your account’s history and previous warnings or bans;
  • the nature of your ban or the degree it affected the community.

Nexon has quite a few GMs dealing with MapleStory ban appeals. Some are very kind, while others might seem a bit more dismissive. Or, they can give you the impression that they haven’t even reviewed your case.

Regardless, make sure to always be on your best possible behavior when contacting them. And, under no circumstances should you:

  • be rude;
  • spam the Support (or bump your ticket);
  • insult or offend them;
  • make any type of threats (including to yourself).

With that in mind, let’s get over to the most important part, namely how to get unbanned from MapleStory!

Account Unbanned MapleStory

How to Get Unbanned from MapleStory

Here’s how to submit a MapleStory ban appeal:

  1. Go to their Support website right here;

    Log into your Nexon account. If that was banned as well, create a brand new one just for Support purposes.

  2. Choose your issue as “Account related”;

    Wait for the form to refresh with the additional fields.
    How to Contact Nexon Support

  3. Pick “Ban or Suspension Inquiries”;

    If your MapleStory account was hacked, select “Account Recovery” instead.
    How to Submit a MapleStory Ban Appeal

  4. Input your account’s and character’s information;

    This is used to better locate your account or isolate the situation. You can skip whichever fields you don’t know, as long as they’re not mandatory.

  5. Write “MapleStory ban appeal” as the subject;

    Or, depending on your situation, you can go with “Account issue” instead.
    MapleStory Ban Appeal

  6. Write your appeal in the description field.

    This is where we come in handy, should you require our customized and professional MapleStory unban service, designed to get you unbanned from MapleStory.
    How to Get Unbanned from MapleStory

  7. Attach any relevant documents (if any);

    This is optional, but you can provide any screenshots or logs that can help your case.

Once everything is in place, simply press the blue “Submit” button underneath the form, and your MapleStory ban appeal will be sent to Nexon for review!

You’ll also get noticed via your email address, to make sure to keep an eye on it (as well as on its Spam folder).

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Article published on February 23, 2018
Last updated on January 1, 2023

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