MapleStory Unban Appeal Guide in 2022 – How To

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Although sending a MapleStory unban appeal is a bit more straightforward than most other games, it can still get a bit confusing, especially in the heat of the moment when you just found out that your MapleStory account has been banned.

With that in mind, let’s get right to it!

Submitting a MapleStory Unban Appeal

  • First of all, you’ll need to log into your Nexon account on the official website.
  • Once you’re logged in, click on the top-right Support button, and select MapleStory from the list, which currently is on the 3rd slide page.
  • From here, click on the Submit a Request option from the top-right side.
  • On the request form, choose “Account Related” under “Please choose your issue below”, and “Ban or Suspension Appeals” under “Please select one of the options below”.

Make sure to complete all other forms as correctly as accurately as you can, and if you need help with a professionally written ticket for the description of your MapleStory ban appeal, please feel free to purchase our customized and professional MapleStory unban service!

Note: We always recommend using the ticket form as opposed to Live Chat, as it gives the Customer Support more time and even resources to properly investigate the issue regarding your ban.

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