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How to Get Unbanned from PUBG and PUBG Mobile in 2024

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In this post, we’ll go over a step by step guide on how to submit a PUBG ban appeal in order to get unbanned from PUBG and PUBG Mobile!

With a continuous increase in PUBG’s playerbase and popularity, the bans against players suspected of cheating have also increased proportionally.

That said, let’s first see what can lead to an account restriction in PUBG. You’ll want to read this, as once you get unbanned from PUBG, you’ll definitely need to steer clear of anything even remotely against the rules.

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What Can Get You Banned?

Before we get to the specifics and most common PUBG ban reasons, here are the Terms of Service in case you want to review the whole thing.

That being said, let’s get to it! Namely, the most common reasons for which you can get your account banned from PUBG.

  • cheating – third party software or any other application that can affect the gameplay and provide you with any kind of an advantage over other players;
  • toxicity – any type of offensive statements made towards other players, such as nationality related, gender, race and so forth, as well as harassment and other forms of threats;
  • offensive nicknames – treated just as toxicity;
  • griefing others players – either by teaming up with others, team killing, stalking other players.
PUBG Account Unbanned
Happy client we’ve helped get unbanned from PUBG

Can You Unban a PUBG Account?

Although there is no general answer for it, yes, getting unbanned from PUBG is possible.

However, it goes without saying that not everyone can or will get unbanned.

In that regard, there are a few things that matter when submitting a PUBG ban appeal, namely:

  • your behavior towards their Support agents;
  • the nature of your ban;
  • your account’s history;
  • the evidence they have against you.

Regardless of your issue and even if you’ve been punished unfairly, you need to be polite.

Do not threaten them and don’t behave poorly upon getting in touch. This has never helped anyone.

Then, there’s the nature of your ban. If it’s been issued for extreme toxicity (racism, threats, hate speech), you stand close to no change to unban your PUBG account. Unfortunately, in such a case, we can’t help either.

Your account’s history matters as well. This means that if it’s your first ban, you have a much higher chance at getting it overturned.

If it’s your 4th ban, and if you’ve already been warned or suspended a few times, well, the chances decrease considerably.

And lastly, the evidence. In some cases, they might have a VOD or clip from a different player, on top of their report against you.

In such a scenario, unless your account was hacked, there isn’t much to be said upon submitting a ban appeal.

Account Unbanned from PUBG
Another happy customer having their PUBG account unbanned

How to Get Unbanned from PUBG (PC)

There are three different ways to submit a PUBG ban appeal. They differ depending on the type of ban a player receives.

Here are the 3 types of PUBG ban appeals for PC you can submit:

  • PUBG developer ban appeal (via PUBG’s website) – the most commonly issued ban;
  • PUBG BattlEye ban appeal (anti-cheat ban) – rare, mostly issues large ban waves;
  • PUBG VAC ban appeal (via Steam) – very rare.

Before proceeding to the guides, keep in mind that it’s always one or the other(s). You’ll almost never need to appeal the ban to more than one department.

Thus, let’s go to the most common PUBG ban appeal, namely the developer one.

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How to Submit a PUBG Ban Appeal

Here are the steps required to get unbanned from PUBG following a ban appeal:

  1. Go to their official website here and select “Ban” as your issue;

    You can also choose “Hijacking” if the ban came as a result of an account compromise.
    Contact PUBG Support

  2. Input your email address and select “Permanent Ban”;

    If it’s a suspension, you can pick “Temporary Ban” instead. For HWID bans, select “Hardware Ban”.
    Appeal Ban in PUBG

  3. Choose your language and enter your Steam ID;

    You’ll find your Steam ID inside the Steam app, under Account details.
    How to Find your Steam ID

  4. Input your PUBG nickname;

    This is your in-game PUBG nickname, the one that other players can see as well.
    Enter your PUBG Nickname

  5. Enter your subject;

    This can be “PUBG ban appeal”, or “Hacked PUBG account”, depending on what happened.
    Subject for your PUBG Ban Appeal

  6. Write your PUBG ban appeal;

    We’ve got your back on this one! Since 2015, we’ve successfully overturned countless similar situations with our professional and customized unban service, designed to help you get unbanned from PUBG;
    Get Unbanned from PUBG


Unban in PUBG

Your last step is to agree to their privacy field and then press the orange “Submit” button.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any files to attach, as that field is optional.

Once that’s done, your PUBG ban appeal will be sent for review. You’ll be notified via email once they have an answer.

And, since we spoke about it earlier, it wouldn’t be a complete PUBG unban guide without the 2 other appeal methods. We’ll detail them below!

PUBG Unban Appeal on BattlEye

PUBG BattlEye ban appeals are pretty straight forward, as in, you either send an email to [email protected], or you simply complete the contact form here.

Regardless of which one of the two you choose, make sure to be as specific and accurate as possible about your issue.

This way, you’ll save time and avoid having to message back and forth only to clarify the exact problem or locate the account in cause.

PUBG Unban Appeal on BattlEye

VAC PUBG Ban Appeal on Steam

  • Log into the Steam app;
  • On the upper right, click on your account’s name, then select Account details;
  • On the right side of the screen, select View purchase history;
  • Locate and select PUBG from your purchase history list;
  • Select any relevant contact option from the bottom of this page.

PUBG Faceit Ban Appeal

The last but not least method of submitting a PUBG ban appeal is through Faceit’s Support Page. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

  • provide your email address (this is where they will contact you);
  • select “I am banned” under Contact Reason, and specify the ban type (e.g., “VAC Ban on Steam”);
  • fill in your account identification details, including your Faceit Account Name, Steam Profile link, and email;
  • choose “PUBG” from the list of games;
  • enter a relevant subject, such as “PUBG VAC ban appeal”;
  • compose your appeal or copy and paste the customized defense ticket you received from our gaming unban service.
PUBG VAC Ban Appeal Faceit
Source –

Now that we’ve gone over the Steam version of the game, let’s move on to see what can be done to appeal a ban in the mobile version of the game!

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Removed PUBG Ban

How to Get Unbanned from BGMI and PUBG Mobile

Below, we’ll go over a step by step guide on how to submit an appeal in order to get unbanned from BGMI and PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games, bringing players together from both iOS and Android platforms. And, just like the PC version of the game, its mobile counterpart is free-to-play as well.

Naturally though, as with any competitive game, PUBG Mobile takes cheating very seriously. Thus, issuing their most common form of penalty for those accused of breaking the rules, namely a 10 year account ban.

Before going into the ban appeal guide, let’s first check out some of the most common reasons for which a player can get banned from PUBG Mobile.

What Can Get You Banned from BGMI and PUBG Mobile?

Although PUBG Mobile’s complete Terms and Conditions can be found on their official page here, below are some of the most common reasons for which an account can end up banned in PUBG Mobile:

  • cheating – through any type of action or software that would give you an unfair advantage over other players, including automation tools, as well as making use of bugs, glitches or exploits;
  • exchaning virtual goods or currency, outside of what’s acceptable;
  • toxicity – any form of offensive, abusive or hateful speech;
  • sharing or allowing other players to play on your own account, for any reason.

Apart from the above-mentioned, generally it’s best to go with your gut, and if you believe that something is against the rules and can get you banned from PUBG Mobile, then it probably is and you should steer away from doing it.

With that in mind, let’s move on to the actual guide, namely how to submit a PUBG Mobile ban appeal!

For PUBG Mobile, there are two different ways to appeal your ban:

  • via e-mail and/or their website support form;
  • through the in-game Customer Support option.

Below, we’ll cover both options.

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PUBG Mobile Ban Appeal In-Game

In order to submit an in-game PUBG Mobile unban appeal, you must first open the game on your mobile device and wait for the game menu to load.

Once that’s done, tap on the bottom-right cogwheel to open up the Settings menu.

Get Unbanned from PUBG Mobile
Source: PUBG Mobile Game App

Afterwards, tap on the bottom-left “Customer Service” button, which will take you to PUBG Mobile’s Support center.

Tencent Customer Support

On the Customer Service page, tap on the top-right messaging icon to get in touch with PUBG Mobile support.

Contact PUBG Mobile Support

This will finally land you on the form where you can submit your unban appeal, which is where we come in handy, should you require our professional and customized unban service for PUBG Mobile, designed to help you get unbanned from PUBG Mobile and BGMI!

Tencent Support
Source: PUBG Mobile

Once that’s done, simply press the bottom right buttom and your PUBG Mobile unban appeal will be sent to Support for a review. Make sure to keep an eye on the app to know when they got back to you!

Now, let’s check out the second avenue of contacting their support, namely via mail or through their website.

PUBG Mobile Ban Appeal via Email

This is the most straight forward way of appealing a PUBG Mobile ban, although in most cases, they do require you to send the appeal via the in-game method, and will reply informing you to do so.

Essentially, all you need to do is to send an email from your account’s registered email address to [email protected] explaining your situation.

Tencent Mail Support

BGMI Ban Appeal via their official Support website

In order to appeal your PUBG Mobile ban through the website, you must first get on their official Support website here, or here for BGMI, then click on the top right “Contact Us” button.

This will cause the actual PUBG Mobile unban appeal form to popup, which you need to complete as such:

  • input your account’s registered email address and in-game nickname;
  • select the platform on which you play the game;
  • under “Issues”, select “Account Management“;
  • under “Describe your problem here”, that’s where you’ll need to write your appeal;
  • attach any relevant files or screenshots, if any, then complete the captcha test.

Once that’s done, all you need to do is to press on the red “Submit” button underneath the form, and your PUBG Mobile ban appeal will be sent to their Support for a review. Make sure to keep an eye on your email to know when they got back to you!

Bottom line, if you’ve gotten banned in PUBG, there is still hope for your account. More so, if you choose to give our account unban services a shot, you can further increase your chances to get unbanned from PUBG!

Hopefully this post has helped you to get in touch with Support and helped you get unbanned from PUBG or PUBG Mobile, but if not, let us know, and maybe we can help you out!

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      Heya! It can sometimes take a bit longer than 48 hours, depending on a few things on their end. However, if the ban isn’t cleared within 7 days of their confirmation email, you should definitely get back in touch with them for an update.

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