How to Get Unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege in 2024

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In this guide, we’ll go over how to submit a Rainbow Six Siege ban appeal to get unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege, should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate position.

Rainbow Six Siege is a very popular FPS game which is doing a great job at maintaining its relevance in such a competitive and constantly improved genre.

That being said, as with every popular FPS game, bans are not uncommon, similar to PUBG bans or Apex Legends bans.

There are quite a few reasons for which a player can get banned from Rainbow Six Siege, apart from false positives. Thus, let’s go over them below.

What Gets Your Account Banned from Rainbow Six Siege?

As per the Code of Conduct page here, these are the most common reasons for which you can get your Rainbow Six Siege account banned:

  • toxicity, harassment, bullying towards other players, or just general defamatory or hateful language;
  • usage of any third party software, such as bots, cheats, auto-aiming tools and so forth;
  • macro usage;
  • purchasing or selling in-game services, such as boosting.

Apart from the above mentioned actual offenses, there are cases where players have been banned from Rainbow Six Siege as a result of a false positive caused by system or network related factors.

On the other hand, here’s what gets you a temporary suspension in Rainbow Six Siege:

  • friendly fire and team killing (especially on purpose);
  • leaving or disconnecting from ranked games;
  • negative behavior towards other players.

Note that, for disconnecting or leaving ranked games, you will also receive a Rank or Renown penalty.

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Rainbow Six Siege Suspended Account

Can You Unban a Rainbow Six Siege Account?

While yes, you can get unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege, this doesn’t apply to every situation.

You see, regardless of circumstances, every single ban is different from one another. More so, they’re dealt with by different Support agents, and that can play an important role in your Rainbow Six Siege ban appeal process. Especially in toxicity cases, where chat logs can be quite subjective.

However, if your Rainbow Six Siege ban wasn’t issued for extreme toxicity, threats and slurs, you do stand a decent shot at getting your ban removed upon appealing it.

Unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege

Other than that, another important factor behind your ban appeal is your previous history. For example, if you’ve already been suspended a number of times before your permanent ban, your chances of removing the ban decrease considerably.

In that regard, if you received a temporary Rainbow Six Siege suspension for just a few days, it’s not worth trying to appeal it. This is mostly because they might not even get the chance to review your case or get back to you before the suspension expires.

But, if your suspension is greater than two weeks, and especially in permanent bans, if your offense isn’t related to extreme toxicity, you should definitely appeal your Rainbow Six Siege ban.

This leads us to our next part, namely how to submit a Rainbow Six Siege ban appeal in order to get unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege Ban Removed

How to Get Unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege

Just as with Skull and Bones account bans, there are also two types of restrictions for Rainbow Six Siege, namely:

  • developer ban (Ubisoft);
  • anti-cheat ban (BattlEye).

Depending on the ban you received, you need to contact the appropriate department.

Rainbow Six Siege Ban Appeal on Ubisoft

Here’s how to submit a Rainbow Six Siege ban appeal

  1. Go to their Support Center page here;

    Log into your account. If you’re unable to do that, follow these steps instead.
    Contact Rainbow Six Siege Support

  2. Select the platform you play on;

    For example, “PC” if you play on computer.

  3. Choose “Rainbow Six Siege” from the game list;

    You can start typing it in the “Type your game” field.

  4. Pick “Player reports, Bans and Sanctions”;

    Additionally, you can go with “Account / Login” instead, depending on your ban or issue.

  5. Select “My account was banned or sanctioned” for the issue type;

    You can also choose “Not listed here”, if the nature of the ban is out of the ordinary.

  6. Choose “Appeal a ban” for your issue;

    For temporary suspensions, you can pick “Account temporarily banned”.
    Rainbow Six Siege Ban Appeal

  7. Write your Rainbow Six Siege ban appeal;

    We’ve got your back on this one! Since 2015, we’ve successfully overturned countless similar situations with our professional unban service, tailor-made to get you unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege.
    Unban Rainbow Six Siege Account


Once everything is done, make sure to only send your Rainbow Six Siege unban appeal ONLY through the “Submit my case” button, and NOT as “Start chat”. It’s ideal to have a ticket instead of a chat when it comes to appealing a ban, as it allows for thorough reviews.

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Rainbow Six Siege BattlEye Ban Appeal

If you’ve been banned by BattlEye, you need to submit a Rainbow Six Siege BattlEye ban appeal instead.

To submit a Six Siege BattlEye ban appeal, you need to:

  • go to BattlEye’s Support page here;
  • pick “Ban appeals” under “Select a contact”;
  • fill in your name and email address;
  • input a concise subject (such as Rainbow Six Siege Banned Account);
  • write your Siege ban appeal;
  • agree to their terms and complete the captcha challenge;
  • press the Submit button.
Rainbow Six Siege Ban Appeal BattlEye


That’s it! Once you submit your case, all you need to do is keep an eye on your email address, as that’s where you’ll be receiving news on your Rainbow Six Siege ban appeal. Also, make sure to check your Spam folder as well!

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    1. Literally same and now I’ve been banned for 24hrs just cause my wifi needed and new router and turned off for like 15 mins

  1. I was playing with my friends on the new event and one of my friends where knocked so we started to revive him and I took out the KS79 Lifeline on Zofia and I pointed it at a wall and I shot and lagged and killed my teammates

  2. Look I don’t ever leave a game on rank at all I’m a loyal teamate we were about to win n I got a blue screen at the last 14 seconds man that’s not fair.

    1. Servers went down in as I got kicked from from my standard game. I don’t want a 24 hour ban trying to play some ranked with my friends by the end of the night

    1. Hi my brother went on my account and left the standard matches and now I’m banned for 24 hours like this is dumb can you unban me

      1. Post

        Heya and sorry to hear that happened to you! Unfortunately, for a 24 hour ban, it’s best to just wait it out, as depending on their current volume of work (as well as today being a Sunday), they might not even have a chance to review your case before the ban expires.

  3. Basically my dad has put screen time on my Xbox and I got kicked out my account because when my screen time goes off everything else does so I disconnected from the game not on purpose and now I’m named for 24 hours

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