Apex Legends Looting and Landing Tips and Tricks

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If you are a fan of Apex Legends, you’d know that any amount of help you get can go a long way. It is the key to success in the game, whether you are playing by yourself or with your squad. So, if you are interested in kicking things up to the next level, these are the top Apex Legends tips for landing and looting that you need to be aware of!

Your Jumpmaster Options

In the game, the third – and last person to choose their character automatically becomes Jumpmaster. Now, depending on your nerves, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Let’s say that you aren’t the last person in line but still want to be Jumpmaster. Well, in order to do this, the original Jumpmaster must hand their responsibilities over to you. He or she can do so by pressing the circle/B button prior to jumping.

In case being Jumpmaster isn’t your cup of tea, you can relinquish your role before jumping. Not happy with how things are going with your Jumpmaster? Don’t worry, there is a solution to this. Just press the CTRL button and you will disconnect from them.

Apex Legends Jumpmaster tips

Source: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Split Off Before Landing

Once you are jumping, make sure to split off right before you land. After all, you and your team landing in the exact same spot isn’t going to be all that useful to you. When you head in the direction of buildings close to your teammates, make sure that you aren’t targeting the same loot. To nail this move, build up speed by flying straight down and then pull back up. Repeat this motion for a much better landing.  

Land Further Away

There are two choices when you have to decide where to land. You can head right into the heart of the fighting or go to the outskirts. If you don’t mind the fight, then the center of the action will suit you well. Just remember to keep your guard up from the moment you land. If this isn’t your style, though, head to the outskirts of the map. By doing so, you will have more time to identify the loot around you.

Land On Top of Cliffs

Most people avoid landing on the cliffs as it is too high up to be of any use. In fact, when you land in such spots, you are informed of this and there is a countdown urging you to move closer to the ground. However, until your countdown runs down, you have a few seconds to get a bird’s eye view of the land, allowing you to gain an advantage in any of the fights that you may land in. So, make sure to use the hot air balloons to land in this spot.

For High-Quality Loot, Head to the Supply Ship

If you don’t mind heading straight into the trenches, you should go to the supply ship. This is where the best loot is. Naturally, this means you can expect a greater number of competing players as well. There is good news, though, if you are willing to take this risk. As there is no fall damage in the game, there isn’t anything to lose by jumping ship. So, grab the best weapon you can get your hands on and do just this.

Keep Moving While Looting

You are most vulnerable when you’re gathering loot. After all, you can’t loot and keep watch for enemies at the same time. This is why time is of the essence – a tactic that you should learn to pick up. Limit yourself to a few seconds for each piece of loot or deathbox, then move on. Want to spend a little more time? In this case, make it a habit to move from side to side. This should offer you a small degree of protection.

Use Pinging to Keep Your Team Well Stocked

If you haven’t gotten a handle on pinging yet, this is something you should work on. In particular, this is because it can help you and your teammates find any loot that you need. Now, as you are probably already aware, you can ping loot so that your teammates know where to find it.

At the same time, you can also get your teammates to help in this department. Do you have empty slots in your inventory? If so, ping them. This lets your teammates know to keep an eye out for loot, helping you to restock faster. Such a feature can also help you out when you are low on ammo. Simply ping your weapons so that your teammates are in the know.

These are the top Apex Legends tips and tricks for looting and landing that players should know about. Work these into your gameplay and you and your teammates should have a lot more success. So, go ahead and spread the word!

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