What are the Top 5 Most OP LoL Champions

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When you want to crush in LoL, you need the right champion. Now, you know as well as I do that some champions are better at support or tanking and that it’s rare for any champion to reign supreme if his teammates aren’t throwing support when the fighting gets heavy. And you know getting killed too many times will slow down even the scariest champions. All of which means you gotta bring the skills to get the most out of the best LoL champions. Still, some champions are way overpowered and allow for some brutal slaying. If you seek to reign in Runeterra, keep reading!

5. Urgot

urgot lol champion op

Once a Noxian Headsman, he was enslaved by Zaun and cast into the mines. There, he developed new and unexpected strength under the lash of the whip. 

His abilities are Echoing Flames, Corrosive Charge, Purge, Disdain, and Fear Beyond Death.

With his shield bash rune, Urgot is a beast. He gets the benefit of shields while putting out increased damage. His W is that his shield scales with his health. So at level 18, if you have full cooldown at 40% CDR, that shield comes up every 5 to 6 seconds. So, it can be a 500 health shield that you keep filling up on yourself, and, of course, it’s dealing damage. Urgot gets a crazy power spike once you get black cleaver. Phage is good, too, because of its passive ability to hit people. At level 6, Urgot’s ultimate attack is very strong. If you land ignite on an enemy, you’ll likely take ‘em out because of the true damage that he lands. His ult puts a spike with a chain through his opponent. He can wait to reactivate the chain until his enemy is low on health and reel them into his meatgrinder midsection. Urgot is a bruiser character that comes with a ton of health and sustain items, and he can deal a heap of damage. His passive—six shotgun legs—can deal broadsides of pain.

Urgot is a very straightforward champion with easy midrange skill shots. Choose the black-cleaver-into-frozen-mallet build path. With frozen mallet, he even slows enemy movement speed. From there, get war mogs. With war mogs heart, you’ll break your 3000 health threshold. Choose the boots you need depending on the situation, and you’ll steamroll the competition. If you have trouble hitting skill shots, just poke with his shotgun legs and hit Qs if you can. But at high levels, it’s game over.  

4. Irelia

irelia lol champion op

Irelia, the Blade Dancer, has wed her graceful mastery of the dances of her native Ionia with her lethal skill of blade levitation.

Her abilities include Ionian Fervor, Blade Surge, and Defiant Dance. Her passive is Ionian Fervor, striking her enemies with spells. She also has the Flawless Duet and Vanguard’s Edge attacks.

This is not a champion you should choose if you’re new to LoL. You need advanced knowledge to maximize everything in her kit. But once you understand the game, the resets on her marks will allow you to destroy people as if you were a platinum or diamond player. The rework to this champion is ridiculous. The Qs allow her to easily dodge skill shots. Once you have Trinity Force, Irelia will do high, high damage. As long as you don’t lose early with Irelia, Trinity Force will dole out mega damage. Irelia’s ult, which disarms people, makes her very strong against opponents who are auto-attack based. Once she has a champion in her cone, she can’t be auto-attacked. Her mark resets eventually stack, allowing you to hit multiple Qs on your enemy.

3. Sion

sion lol champion op

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, noble son of Noxus, was an artful warrior in life, brought back from the dead. Yes, he’s a blunt-force killing machine.

His abilities are Glory in Death, Decimating Smash, Soul Furnace, Roar of the Slayer, and Unstoppable Onslaught.

This is an absurd champion. He’s annoying and one of the best LoL champions because you can play him multiple ways. For lower level people who don’t understand how to feed Sion, here’s what you need to know. You can keep running him into a lane and letting him die. Once he’s dead, an undead Sion appears, and you can attack with him even after he’s been killed. When he has enough health and ZZ rot, the undead scion will continue hitting the turret as long as you need. With a traditional build, he becomes very tanky. With his CC (crowd control), he can make any fight super annoying.

2. Akali

akali lol champion op

Akali, the Rogue Assassin, fugitive of the Kinkou Order appears out of nowhere to strike and, no sooner, vanishes back into the mist.

Her abilities are Assassin’s Mark, Five Point Strike, Twilight Shroud, Shurikan Flip, and Perfect Execution.

If you’ve ever gone up against Akali, you know this champion can be super annoying. Akali is the only champion with a shroud ability, and when she shrouds, she cannot be hit by a turret shot. The shroud ability lasts a very long time. When she ducks in and out of the shroud, she gets extra energy, so she can cast more spells. Maximizing shroud makes a really good Akali player. Her power spike ability is no fun to go up against but very fun to use. Once Akali gets hex tech gun blade, her ability to burst enemies is absurd. Add her mobility into the picture, and she is super scary. She can jump over walls, dodge, and jump towards targets, making her hard to track down and harder to fight against.

1. Kayn

kayn lol champion op

Kayn, the Shadow Reaper, is a shadow magician who may one day lead his native Ionia.

His abilities are the Darkin Scythe, the Reaping Slash, Blade’s Reach, Shadow Step, and Umbral Trespass.

All the champions in this list are incredibly annoying, but Kayn is one of the worst of all, making him arguably the best LoL champion. He can be played as an assassin or as a bruiser. Red Kayn is his bruiser version and offers scads of CC. Blue Kayn is the assassin. Depending on if you attack ranged or melee units, you will become a different form. Prioritizing the right target will transmogrify Kayn into a darken.

In the pick/ban phase, Kayn is often the first player that gets banned. It’s hard to know which version of Kayn a team will have to deal with, and his ability to pass through walls gives him an almost unfair edge, making it a good call to ban this champion first thing.

Be warned, it does take some real skill to make Kayn work, since he is quite weak at the beginning of the match. But if you’re good with him, you can get to his second form dizzyingly fast.

Kayn doesn’t need very many items to become super strong. And his ult is particularly scary. Get this, he actually jumps into the bodies of enemy champions. Jumping into a champion is all about timing. If you jump in first thing, it’s a waste of a great ability. You have to know when to jump in. If you bait your enemy to make specific moves, you can activate the skill when you’re low on health. When the enemy tries a stun or other ability with a long cooldown, Kayn can ult and dodge the ability by entering the enemy champion. There he can stay for a good while before jumping out to deal damage.

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