How to Get Unbanned from Fortnite in 2024

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If you’re looking to get your account unbanned from Fortnite, you’ve come to the right place!

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and competitive Survival and Battle Royale PvP games available. More than 6 years since its release, it still boasts millions of players actively engaging in the game, and thus, it has solidified its position as a top streamer on Twitch, alongside other giants like Valorant, PUBG and Apex Legends!

Naturally, with such a massive community and constant updates, account bans happen frequently. However, many players feel that some of these bans are quite arbitrary, affecting innocent players too. Adding to this, the game’s policy on VPN usage and HWID bans definitely doesn’t help either.

So, before we get right to it, let’s see what offenses can lead to a Fortnite ban!

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What Can Get You Banned from Fortnite?

Unlike most games, Fortnite is a pretty straight-forward game. This also means that the reasons for Fortnite banned accounts aren’t as many.

Here are the most common reasons for Fortnite account restrictions:

  • toxicity – in the form of racism, threats, spam, insults, harassments and anything pertaining to another player’s personal life or safety;
  • cheating – such as using third party software, exploiting bugs, making use of glitches, grouping up with others in solo games;
  • account sharing – for any and all reasons (including boosting);
  • buying V-Bucks from unofficial sources;
  • AFK leeching – if you’re not contributing to the game’s objective;
  • exploiting, using bugs or glitches – for any reason, and especially if they’re giving you an unfair advantage;
  • teaming up with other players in solo games;
  • using any cosmetic related software (such as skin swappers);
  • playing Fortnite behind a VPN.

Keep in mind that for cheating accusations, Epic Games also issues a HWID ban. This means that apart from your account, they also ban your device altogether. Here’s their EULA.

Regardless, Fortnite HWID bans can be removed the same way as account bans, through ban appeals.

Pie chart of Fortnite Ban Statistics

At Unbanster, we’ve conducted an analysis on the a batch of 657 bans issued outside of any ban wave and have identified the top four reasons for Fortnite account restrictions, in descending order: cheating, VPN usage, boosting (including account sharing), and buying V-Bucks from unofficial sources.

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Can You Unban a Fortnite Account?

Yes, you can get unbanned from Fortnite, albeit not in every single situation.

For example, an account banned for cheating has a much higher chance to get overturned than one for extreme toxicity.

As with every other game, Epic Games too takes hate speech very seriously.

What this means is that, if you’re banned for racial slurs, life threats and such, you stand close to no chance to unban your Fortnite account.

More so, if your Fortnite account is banned for a cheating accusation, check to see if your HWID is banned as well.

Nonetheless, both accounts and HWID bans can be overturned by submitting a Fortnite ban appeal.

HWID Unbanned from Fortnite
Yet another happy client we’ve helped unban their Fortnite account

How to Submit a Fortnite Ban Appeal

Here’s how to submit a Fortnite ban appeal:

  1. Go on the Fortnite Support Center here;

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue “Contact Us” button.Contact Epic Games Support Fortnite ban

  2. Log into your banned Fortnite account;

    If you’re unable to log in, select “I can’t login” and fill in the form.Fortnite Account Recovery

  3. Fill in your Display name and Email;

    It’s best to leave the account’s registered email address as the contact email, if possible.Fortnite account details

  4. Choose the platform on which you play Fortnite;

    If you play on a computer, via Epic Games, choose “PC”.
    Your Fortnite Platform

  5. Write your Fortnite ban appeal in the “Describe your problem here” field;

    We’ve got your back on this one! Since 2015, we’ve successfully overturned countless similar situations with our professional and customized unban service, designed to help you get unbanned from Fortnite.
    Fortnite Ban Appeal


Once you’ve completed the form, click on the blue “Submit” button on the bottom right. Your Fortnite ban appeal is sent to their Customer Support!

Now that everything is done, wait until they review your ban appeal and get back to you. Also, make sure to check the Spam folder as well! Good luck!

Unbanned Fortnite Account
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Based on our experience in handling Fortnite ban appeals, we have seen cases where players have attempted to contact Epic Games Support on their own and have resorted to being rude or making threats. We want to emphasize that this behavior is never helpful and can actually make it more difficult (if not impossible) to get your account unbanned.

When submitting a Fortnite ban appeal, it’s of utmost importance to remain respectful. Our team at Unbanster is here to help guide you through this process and provide the support you need to recover your account.

What to Expect When You Submit a Fortnite Ban Appeal?

When you submit a Fortnite ban appeal, be prepared to expect an uphill battle, even if the ban seems unfair.

Based on our experience, Epic Games ranks second only to Riot in terms of their kindness, professionalism, and empathy throughout the ban appeal process. However, they sometimes fall short when it comes to thoroughly reviewing cases, on the very first few tickets at least.

Thus, in some cases, they may claim to have investigated the ban when, in fact, they might be relying on the anti-cheating system to have performed its job correctly in the first place.

More so, Epic Games will occasionally claim that they do not have the ability to overturn bans, even if they wanted to. While we can’t speak for the internal Customer Service agent ranks they might have, we’ve helped multiple happy customers have their bans overturned by simply submitting a Fortnite ban appeal.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every ban can or will be reversed. Instead, if you believe your Fortnite account has been unfairly restricted, don’t get discouraged from pursuing further appeals, especially if they claim the penalty was reviewed and upheld.

On the other hand, if your ban was issued for more severe reasons, such as racial slurs, discriminatory remarks, or real-life threats, the chances of getting your Fortnite account unbanned are very low, if not nonexistent. The same applies to fraudulent transactions.

Difference Between a Fortnite HWID or Account Ban

An account banned in Fortnite is just that, meaning that particular account can no longer log into the game. This is regardless of which computer or device you use, unless it gets unbanned by Epic Games.

As for the HWID ban, that’s a ban on your entire machine (its ID). This causes that particular device (mobile, computer, laptop, console) to be permanently banned from playing Fortnite, on any account.

How to Tell if You are HWID Banned in Fortnite

As a fun fact, you can be HWID banned from Fortnite without also having your account banned as well.

What that means is that you can use your account to play on any other device or computer. But of course, not on one with a HWID ban.

Determining whether you have been HWID banned from Fortnite can be a challenging task. You may encounter an “There was an error” message upon logging out or get unexpectedly kicked off the bus before landing.

You see, getting kicked constantly from the bus is not a bug. It’s the server booting you out for being HWID banned.

If this is happening to you, we strongly advise against repeatedly attempting to log back in. Doing so can potentially lead to your Fortnite account getting banned altogether.

So, if you find out your computer is HWID banned from Fortnite, your only two options are:

  • buying a whole new computer;
  • submitting a Fortnite ban appeal as we detailed above.
Fortnite Ban Removed

Fortnite Ban Related Frequent Questions

1. Why am I banned from Fortnite for no reason?

Being banned in Fortnite for no reason is definitely possible. This is called a false-positive ban.
No reason bans happen due to unusual account or gameplay activity, false reports, VPN usage, IP discrepancy, internet issues or even legitimate software being mistakenly flagged as a cheat.
No reason restrictions are easier to get overturned.

2. Can you get banned for using a VPN in Fortnite?

Yes. Fortnite is one of the very few games that bans VPN usage. This might be just as a measure against boosting accounts.

3. Will a VPN remove my Fortnite HWID ban?

No, a VPN will not remove your HWID ban.
The HWID ban is placed on your computer parts (serial numbers and unique identifiers).
A VPN merely changes your IP, which does nothing to remove the HWID ban.

4. Can I get my account unbanned from Fortnite with a VPN?

No. Similar to HWID, account bans cannot be removed by using a VPN.
The only way to get unbanned from Fortnite is by submitting a ban appeal.
You can follow our guide above on how to do that.

5. How long do Fortnite bans last?

It really depends on the nature of your ban. Generally, suspensions can last for 3 to 30 days.
On the other hand, HWID and account bans are permanent. But, you can appeal them.

6. Does Fortnite issue IP bans?

It’s very unlikely that Fortnite bans IPs. Instead, they ban accounts or HWID, which is far more effective.
IPs can be changed very quickly, especially if your ISP has a dynamic IP range.
Besides, if they were banning a particular IP, they could affect other players as well, since many IPs are shared (especially on dynamic ISPs).

7. How do I bypass a Fortnite HWID ban?

There are 2 ways to removing a Fortnite HWID ban, namely submitting a ban appeal or changing your entire computer.
It’s not worth trying to swap computer parts one by one, as that can lead to the new ones getting banned as well.
Additionally, you can try using a spoofer, but make sure it’s a constantly updated one. Otherwise, you risk your new account to get banned as well.

Need help getting unbanned from Fortnite?

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  1. I would life to report something that has been going on l have been banned for no reason l have done nothing wrong and its an IP ban so l can’t play on my WiFi or anything and it makes me really upset because I’ve spent lots of money and its all gone to waste, please l really need your help trying to unban my account I have done nothing what so ever, I’m a Xbox player and PC player, l need you help

    1. Post

      Heya, and really sorry to hear about your IP ban. However, we can certainly do our very best to get you unbanned, should you wish to purchase our services!

      1. Hi, i had recently got accused of fraud because i had used my mom’s card instead of mine. Epic had deactivated my account right, so i email them and get it re enabled and plan to start purchasing gift cards from now on so that i don’t accidentally do it again. Well days past and I didn’t make any purchases and they deactivated it again for the same transaction??? I had emailed them wanting an answer for what has happened and to see if i could get my account back and would even pay the amount that was charged back but they had said there’s nothing they can do because of their “terms” even tho i was wrongfully accussed. If you have any tips or idea i could try i would greatly appreciate it. Ive spent hunderes of dollars on that Fortnite account and really want it back
        -best regards, Kobe

        1. Post

          Heya! I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you, but unfortunately, as per our policy, we cannot assist with any cases involved in allegations of fraud or chargebacks. 🙁 I’d recommend you continue to try and explain your situation as best as you can to them though.

    1. Post

      Heya! We surely do, and we can definitely do our very best in helping you get unbanned from Fortnite as well! 🙂

      1. I got my account deactived for no reason and banned, change my IP and hardware number still banned, ill appreciate if you could help me.

        1. Post

          Hey! Sorry to hear that. We can certainly do our very best possible to get you unbanned, should you wish to give our services a try! 🙂

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    1. Post

      Hey, sure! 🙂 We have a contact page, as well as a Contact Us / Live Chat on the bottom right part (colored with green) of the website.

    1. Post
  2. Hey guys. So my account was disabled due account sharing? Is it temporary? As it says account is inactive now try again later…
    I play on ps4 and never ever gave my account to anyone esle as i made purchases on it. And i play literally every day! And can prove it to them as i get many invites from my friends.

    1. Post

      Hey and sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, it’s not temporary, but permanent. But yes, you can definitely contact them and explain your situation, and appeal the ban! 🙂

    1. Post

      Based on how and where exactly you’re sending the ticket, yes, you might be met with an automated reply. You can, however, reply to it, and it will be considered as a reply, instead of sending a new ticket.

    1. Post
  3. I get ip banned for no reason , i don’t get it whay? , can some 1 help me to get my account back ? i spend money on it , and i will really appreciated .

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  4. i was playing fortnite playground mode with my little brother when i got booted from the game, i was greeted with a message stating that either my session has expired or i have been logged in elsewhere i tried to login using pc instead of ps4 to see what happened and i noticed that my account has been rendered inactive by epic, i contacted them only to be told that i was observed cheating , which is simply not true, i have contacted them several times and finally got a human response, they conducted an investigation into my account and got back to me saying that they wont overturn my ban, its not fair that they ban people for no reason and refuse to unban them

    1. Post
  5. Hi I have been banned falsely as well I just woke up one morning and I wish to be unbanned but epic games support team will not respond to any of me emails please help me,

    1. Post

      Hey, sorry to hear that! We can surely do our very best to help you though! Feel free to drop us a mail through our contact form. 🙂

    1. Post
  6. Hey! Got banned on my laptop … Pretty sure it was an HWID BAN. Then I tried playing it in my iPhone and it worked even in the same WiFi. Now I’ve bought a new machine, should I install and try fortnite on it? Note- I’ve changed my router but not my WiFi…

    1. Post

      Heya! Definitely you should. The WiFi and router shouldn’t have any impact on the ban, as only the account itself or the device’s (your previous machine) particular HWID can be banned.

  7. Got banned outta nowhere while I was in the middle of joining a game of party Royale :/. It said I was using a VPN to gain an advantage even tho I don’t even own one. Would you guys try your best if I buy your basic package?

    1. Post
  8. Hey I also got falsely banned but it is only on my computer because I can play on my xbox and on my friends pc. I’ve tried contacting them but it always comes down to the answer that they cannot do anything with bans and when I asked them for what I did they said they cannot give out that information. I haven’t used any third party apps or anything so im kinda pissed as I have spent a lot of money on my pc. You think you would be able to help get it unbanned?

    1. Post

      Really sorry to hear this happened to you but yes, we can definitely do our very best to help you! Feel free to get in touch with us whenever! 🙂

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