How to Get Unbanned from CoD MW 3 and Warzone in 2024

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If you’re on this page, that means you’re dealing with a banned CoD account. No worries, as below we’ll walk you through a step by step guide on how to get unbanned from CoD MW 3 and Warzone!

Despite fierce competition from titles like Counter-Strike 2 and CrossFire, Call of Duty holds its ground, drawing lessons from predecessors like Black Ops 4. It caters to a diverse player base, featuring an expanded multiplayer experience and the addition of a campaign mode.

Now, as we all know, in the realm of FPS and competitive multiplayer games, the enforcement of rules is severe, resulting in swift account bans for suspected rule-breakers.

So, let’s see what got you banned from CoD MW 3 or Warzone in the first place!

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What Gets You Banned from CoD MW 3 and Warzone?

According to our analysis, the most common reason behind CoD bans is “Using unauthorized software and manipulation of game data”. It’s specifically aimed at auto-aiming software.

Apart from that, you will also land a CoD ban for:

  • using any other third party software (other than aim-botting), such as bots or automation tools for certain tasks (including ESP, unlocking Camos, Radar, Wall-hack), similar to PUBG cheating bans;
  • using glitches, bugs or exploits to gain unfair advantages over other players;
  • toxicity, harassment or any other similar behavior that would offend other players (this is taken seriously, just like with Apex Legends toxicity bans);
  • real-money trading;
  • sharing your account with other players, especially for the purpose of rank boosting (second to Overwatch 2 boosting account bans).
Banned from CoD MW and Warzone

Regarding toxicity, an important thing to keep in mind here is that Activision has added real time in-game voice chat moderation in CoD. The system is powered by AI, and it detects any type of offensive behavior in real time. This means that you should be very careful as to what you say in voice chat, regardless of it being among friends, as it can potentially lead to a ban.

Bottom line is, as long as you keep clear of the above mentioned, you should be golden.

That said, there are cases of false positive bans. With that in mind, let’s go over whether or not you can unban a CoD Modern Warfare 3 account!

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Warzone 2 Shadowbans

Perhaps you remember the shadowban system in Pokemon Go. Well, Activision has its own, for CoD games.

If you attract enough reports under the suspicion of cheating, you’ll get shadowbanned. This means that you’ll be placed in a lobby with other CoD shadowbanned players, with pretty bad latency, unable to play normal lobbies until a decision is made.

The decision is essentially Activision Support (or it’s anti-cheating system), reviewing whether or not the reports against you were correct.

This review can last to up to 2 weeks, after which you’ll either be able to join normal lobbies once more, or get permanently banned from CoD.


Similarly to Fortnite HWID bans, Activision too issues HWID bans in CoD for cheating bans. That means that if you got banned for cheating, you’ll likely be HWID banned as well.

Getting a HWID ban in CoD MW or Warzone means that:

  • you can’t play any CoD game on that device anymore;
  • any new account you get will also get banned.

And no, using a VPN will not remove your CoD HWID ban. A VPN merely changes your IP address, whereas the ban is applied on your computer’s hardware identifiers (such as motherboard).

The only way to remove a HWID ban in Warzone or CoD is by submitting a ban appeal (same as for account bans), or purchasing a brand new computer.

Can You Unban a CoD MW 3 or Warzone Account?

Yes, you can unban a CoD MW 3 account, but that depends on a few situations.

For example, if the account was banned for extreme toxicity, threats, slurs and so forth, you stand virtually no chance at getting unbanned from Warzone or CoD MW 3.

On the other hand, if your MW 3 account was banned under the unfair allegation of cheating or breaking other rules, you stand a much higher chance at getting your Warzone ban removed.

In fact, here’s one of our happy customers having their CoD MW ban overturned.

Account Unbanned from CoD MW and Warzone
Happy client we’ve helped get unbanned from CoD MW

Bottom line is, you can unban your Warzone account, although of course, not every case will be as easy to overturn.

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How to Get Unbanned from CoD MW 3 and Warzone

In order to get unbanned from CoD MW 3 or Warzone, you must submit a ban appeal via Activision’s Support Center (not Blizzard). Blizzard cannot help with any Call of Duty bans.

Here’s how to submit a Warzone or CoD MW 3 ban appeal:

  1. Go to their official Support page here;

    Log into your Activision account, then scroll down and click on “Continue”;

  2. You’ll now be met with a prompt regarding the appeal process;

    Click on “Agree and Continue”;
    CoD MW 2 Ban Appeal

  3. Write your CoD MW 3 ban appeal (within the 1000 character limit);

    We’ve got your back on this one! Since 2015, we’ve successfully overturned countless similar situations with our customized and professional unban service, specially designed to get you unbanned from CoD MW 3.
    Get Unbanned from CoD MW 2

Now that everything is done, simply press “Submit my appeal”, and your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ban appeal will be sent to their Support! Make sure to keep an eye on your e-mail, as that’s where you’re going to receive the answer.

And, since we’re at it, let’s see how to get in touch with Activision Support should you face a different issue!

How to Contact CoD MW 3 or Warzone Support

If you’re facing a different account issue, here’s how to contact CoD MW 3 Support:

  • go to their Support options page and log into your Activision account;
  • select CoD MW 3 (or any other game you’re having issues with);
  • choose the platform you’re playing on (such as for Windows);
  • click on “Activision Account”;
  • locate and click on your issue (such as “I can’t unlink an account”);
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Submit a ticket”;
  • fill in your issue then press “Submit”.
Contact CoD MW 2 and Warzone Support
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That’s it! Hopefully our guide was helpful with regard to removing your CoD MW 3 account ban, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

Need help getting unbanned from CoD MW 3?

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  1. Account was banned. Didn’t cheat or use thrid party software. I play on pc and apond launching the game one night my internet went out and I was forced to restart my pc and when trying to launch cod again I got the permanently banned message.

    1. Post

      Really sorry to hear that happened to you! Please feel free to get in touch should you wish to discuss your case further. 🙂

        1. Post
  2. I bought a used pc and im assuming it has a hardware ban on it because the computer has had a reset and my cod account wont find a match and stays at 350ms ping

  3. I’m a console player, been a cod fan since 2008. Never used any tools or software to improve my aiming or any type of hack in general. I just don’t get it!

  4. I haven’t played in over 3 weeks I turn on war zone and it’s says I’m banned. Never cheated, never played on other platforms. I don’t know why

  5. In The New MW2 That released on october 28th 2022 I was playing it last night and I was just playing the campaign and having fun I didnt hack or break any guidelines at all but I wake up this morning with a ban from the new mw2

  6. I’m 55 years old, I played MW2 For 6 hours, Went to bed because I was tired, Got up the following morning and it said permanently banned. When I Send to the appeal In to find out why, They said it was unauthorized software use. I don’t even know what that means. I know nothing about Computers. So here I set owning a game I can’t play.

  7. I got perma banned the other day when I tried to appeal it it said I used unauthorized software or altered data files I play on console. How can I even do that?

  8. My buddies pc crashed when we started a match and once his pc was back up I asked him to send me his mini dump to investigate his crash with windows debugger. I believe we both had the game open and since then we haven’t been able to queue in a game. We checked our activision accounts and both seem to be under review even though none of us ran any malicious software?

    1. Post

      Heya! The crash itself (or whatever caused the crash) might’ve triggered a false positive within the game’s anti-cheating system. Nonetheless, they should overturn the ban once they confirm it wasn’t related to any rule breaking.

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