Top Success Tips When Playing Fortnite

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With popularity still at an all time high, for many, mastering the basics behind Fortnite is a skill upon itself!

Released back in 2017, Fortnite is evidence of our love of Battle Royale Games. 

If like us, nothing will feel complete until you have mastered all the skills needed for success to move up amongst the ranks within this virtual battlefield. 

Here are our top tips and tricks, essential for success when playing Fortnite on your PC Gaming Computer.

By reading and incorporating these top tricks into your game, you can take your first steps onto the path of glory.

Featuring top weapons, locations with the best loot, to the need for minimal sound,  read on to discover our first hand experience of playing Fortnite and how to play Fortnite successfully.

Reduce Your Sound

Fortnite noise


When playing Fortnite, one thing to consider and keep to a minimum is the amount of sound that you make within the game. If a player close to your location can hear you, they will automatically have a significant advantage.

When moving, it is recommended that you run as little as possible. With walking and crouching creating a quieter noise than running, running can also emit puffs of smoke in your path.

Also, it should be noted, that before you start using your pickaxe, that you take a look around your location to make sure that it is secure, as your pickaxe will create a sound, alerting other players of your presence. 

Top Tip – Other players can hear you when switching weapons. 

Use Headphones 

Along with keeping your sound to a low level, we also recommend investing in a pair of quality gaming headphones.

With the key of the game to discover where other players are, through the use of headphones, you are at an advantage, able to hear any small sound created by other users.

Top Tip – Hear a sound? Be alert. 

Be Alert

Action packed, one of the biggest keys for success in Fortnite and that is to be on the alert at all times. By remaining alert and never relaxing, you are at a higher rate of advancing. Keep in your mind that there could always be another player around the corner.

If you have found yourself a sheltered spot to take shelter, be confident that another player would have the same genius thought and could be there, hiding behind the bushes.

The Circle

The most important part of Fortnite, the circle is always present and forever shrinking, ready to devour you whole. Every decision you make should link to the effect of the circle. 

If you are struggling within the game and the safe zone is far off, make your main priority to make it to the circle, all other actions can wait.

Top Tip – If you have made it to the circle when the timer has begun to tick, pay close attention to the way the circle is shrinking. 

Shield Potions

Fortnite medicine


If you managed to get your hands on the little blue pot of Shield Potions, be sure to drink it immediately. Improving your game performance for the upcoming fortnight, the potion includes a 50% shield buff that lasts for the duration of the match. 

Unable to protect you from all damages, the Shield Potion can double up your starting health giving you a large advantage. With three different shields, regular shield, small shield and slurp juice, choose a shield most suited to your needs. 

Top Tip – if landing in an area with a number of other players, it is worth drinking one of these potions straight away. 

Limit Engagement

A piece of advice that should be followed throughout the game, no matter your current success within the game, only engage when you are certain of success. 

With the main aim of the game to survive, reducing your risk of death is essential. Be sure to analyse each situation, coming up with a strategic plan for each circumstance, as a successful kill can result in the gaining of a large loot. 

Wait Before You Loot

You have just got lucky and scored a kill, instead of rushing straight over and looting the possessions from the body, wait!

By waiting, any players that were attracted by the commotion of the battle, have had the chance to emerge on the scene, thus forth, giving you a chance to defend your prize and remain alive to complete another kill. 

Top Tip – when looting or healing, be sure to build around yourself for maximum protection. You never know what other players could be watching from an advantage point, ready to take a shot when you are at your most vulnerable. 


Destructible, when it comes to cover and remaining protected, always have a backup plan. 

Always have a back up plan or an escape route organised for when the worst is to happen, or if your safe zone has been invaded.

Entering into a rival fortress? Keep your rocket launchers or grenade close by, ready to be used when a sound or movement is detected. 


Fortnite fortress


Vision is incredibly important in Fortnite and the player on the higher ground will always have an advantage than those hiding in the bushes. By building as high as possible and with a clear view of the safe zone, partner this with a high range weapon and you have created a deadly combination. 

Once the circle has moved and your base is no longer within the safe zone, pack up and move to the new safe ground. 

Top Tip – use ‘Q’ to switch up the building mode. 

Make sure when constructing your fortress, that the bottom portion is sturdy and that the first two levels are made from metal. This prevents enemies from attacking the bottom levels and stop you from falling from your death. 

At the end of a match, chances are space will be tight. Instead of fleeing to a safe zone, you may instead want to stay put and fortify your building. By adding additional security and taking down approaching players, you can remain victorious once again.

Stockpile Resources

By reminding yourself to stockpile sources towards the end of a match and keeping stock in your resources, you can be prepared for when you need it most.

Do not just favor the collection of metal, learn to appreciate stone and wood as well. 

Top Tip – when protecting yourself from approaching bullets, use wood, while metal or brick should be a top choice when creating a safe hideout. 


Fortnite weapons


In Fortnite, weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes and mastering how to use them is a top skill. From the trusty pistol to the rocket launcher, finding weapons to use can be a skill amongst itself.

By looking in built-up areas, small buildings and areas, you are at a higher risk of finding a fruitful loot. The best weapons worth scoring are those that are long range such as sniper and assault rifles. This does not mean you should not have a short-range shotgun, as this can keep you protected in any situation. 


When it comes to choosing your location in Fortnite, it can either lead to a risk or reward depending on your final decision. When beginning in Fortnite, try to avoid built up areas, whilst also staying in a central location, this minimises the amount of rushing required when wanting to reach the safe zone. 

However, one of the bonuses of starting in a built-up area and that is the concentrated amount of loot that is available. By avoiding the battles of Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers and Retail Row, you could emerge at the beginning of the game, fully armed. 

Keep tabs

Keep tabs on all remaining players, by knowing how many players are left in the match and where they are located, you can create a strategic plan and develop the ultimate plan of attack. Also by keeping tabs on where people are located, you minimise the risk of being crept up upon. 

Consider a Double-Ramp

A common strategy throughout the game and that is to build a tall ramp, using your ramp to shoot down at your opponents from. During an end game, it is recommended however, that you consider building a double ramp, using the additional ramp to jump back and forth between. This double ramp acts as extra protection and allows you to hide your exact position from enemies. 

By following these top tips, you too can progress throughout the game and hopefully remain victorious and alive at the end of Fortnite. With the main aim of the game to be the last player remaining, by remaining alert and staying ahead of the others, you too can be triumphant when playing Fortnite. 

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