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In case you’ve seen us mentioning that Unbanster is no longer using Skype on our Contact or Shop page, or even on the forums or social media, well, it’s true, and we decided to write a short post as to why we decided to move away completely from Skype and move to Discord instead (Unbanster#9754).

Unbanster Discord Tag

TL;DR – We no longer use Skype – please don’t add any Skype IDs thinking you’re talking to us. We are ONLY on Discord (apart from Facebook, mail and forums), and our ONLY Discord Tag is – Unbanster#9754.

Why we stopped using Skype

Essentially, Skype is an absolute terrible app if you plan on talking to your customers or otherwise representing a business or a website. Why, you might ask? Well, because on Skype, literally anyone can create a Skype ID (any ID, even johnny123), but have their Display Name as anything else, such as “The Official XYZ Store”, for example.

Now, that might sound harmless, and in most cases it is, but the Skype search is so poorly configured that when you’re searching for someone, it doesn’t just search for their unique ID, but the display name as well, and if you were to search for “The Official XYZ Store”, you’ll find our random “johnny123” there as well.

For example, we took the liberty of searching for the famous Twitch streamer sodapoppin on Skype, just as an example of how easy it is to impersonate someone. I know we were talking about businesses, but this is just an example of how it could look in a different situation as well.

Unbanster Skype

Now, what this does is that it enables certain people to impersonate others, by just creating a random Skype ID with the Display Name of the business or website they want to impersonate, and thus, deceiving potential customers that don’t know they aren’t speaking to the right person. Yes, this is illegal, but does Skype care? Sometimes, sort of, I mean, we’ll cover that in a future post, but it’s just a hassle you shouldn’t put up with, especially when you can just go straight to Discord and speak to your customers there.

Why Discord is so much better

Well, apart from being extremely popular among gamers and other online niches, their searching system is EXACTLY how it needs to be. Just take a look below!

Unbanster Discord

You see it, right? Unless you have those unique 4 digits, you can’t just search randomly and run into an impersonator! I mean, of course someone can create a fake Discord tag and pretend this and that in random channels, but then again, that’s possible virtually everywhere else, unlike Skype, where people can actually accidentally add the impersonator themselves…

Bottom line

Although we’ll cover what you can do if you’re facing the same Skype issue in a future post, meanwhile, if you have a website, you provide a service or even if you’re a Twitch streamer, you should only use Discord. Even if you like Skype for certain features, and even if Skype Support sometimes is able to help with the impersonator, it’s just not worth your time and effort, because it’ll take you hours to prove your identity, whereas it takes the impersonator a couple of minutes to just register yet another ID and impersonate you.

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Michael, founder and writer of Unbanster, brings over 20 years of gaming experience and a law degree to his specialized work in his unbanning service. Though he didn't pursue a traditional career in law, his unique legal perspective enables him to tackle the intricacies of gaming policies and appeals processes. Motivated by a personal unjust ban, Michael launched Unbanster in 2015 to aid gamers facing similar challenges, having successfully assisted thousands to date, striving to ensure fairness and transparency in the gaming community.

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