3 Best Bot Lane Combos in League of Legends

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Since the start of the 12th season of League of Legends we’ve had many changes that have affected both us players and the meta itself, driving us towards builds that have been a lot more colorful, with a constant emphasis on what we’ve always looked forward to, MORE DAMAGE!

On this matter, we will be talking about three combinations on the bottom lane that can give you and maybe your duo partner a breath of fresh air and obviously better statistics in after game lobby!

1. Electrocute Nami and Dark Harvest Brand Bot Lane Combo

You may ask yourself, why do Nami and Brand work as a duo bot lane combo?

It might sound like a crazy idea but the mechanics behind this are not that complicated to explain and very easy to execute. Generally speaking, Nami will use the Electrocute rune which can be activated once you hit 3 different spells or actions on an enemy champion while Brand uses the Dark Harvest rune which activates once your target is below 50% HP.

Nami and Dark Harvest Brand Bot Lane Combo

Source: leagueoflegends.com

Stay with me on it because this is where it gets very interesting. The main combination of spells here  will end up being, Nami’s E ability, Tidecaller’s Blessing + Electrocute and Brand’s Blaze, his passive ability  that gets triggered by him hitting any spell on his target. Just like Lucian + Nami, the passive ability of Brand counts Nami’s E ability as 2 procs (one from the actual spell and one from the passive ability proc), which leads to any other chosen spells that is thrown at the opponent to activate Electrocute and send them back into the fountain with a massive explosion.

But wait a minute, what about Brand’s Dark Harvest? Exactly. At this point your enemy is low enough after a combination of spells thrown by Brand and all it takes is that fun little red glow of Dark Harvest to activate and reward your carry with the well-earned 300 gold!

For items I would say that Imperial Mandate is a must for Nami, and do consider going Luden’s Tempest on Brand. With how powerful these power spikes are, I’d say that there’s nothing more impactful on the bottom lane and obviously, more fun!

2. Xerath and Jhin Bot Lane Combo

This ideal bot lane combo is something that we can’t exclude from in our combinations of champions due to the high synergy that Jhin and Xerath share together, both being incredibly potent snipers.

Imagine a laning phase where the floor is lava and you must find a way to also get gold from killing minions, that sounds diabolical, doesn’t it? Well, you’re in luck because this is the combo of Jhin and Xerath, both of them being very aggressive poke champions that will keep you and your laner on your toes.

Xerath and Jhin Bot Lane Combo

Source: leagueoflegends.com

The idea behind this explosive combo is that it also holds a decent amount of crowd control, not taking into account the absurd range and burst damage that you and your partner share.

The way you want to line up your crown control is as it follows. Xerath will have to open with his long-ranged spells on an enemy to which Jhin can answer with his W ability, Deadly Flourish, followed by Xerath’s ability, Shocking Orb; and if this isn’t convincing enough, when both champions hit their level 6 ultimate abilities, that’s when the fun really begins. Your enemies will have to learn how to dance to deal with very long ranged spells that intertwine one another into a “danse macabre”!

3. Yuumi and AP Twitch Bot Lane Combo

We all enjoyed watching Tom & Jerry during our childhood. This time, imagine that instead of them fighting one another, they work together!

This bottom lane combo is something that you must try at least once to fully grasp the level of power that it holds. Propagated by famous Twitch streamer, RATIRL, we get to dive into the world of sneaky plays, sustainability and very high amounts of damage.

To understand how this works we must look at Yuumi as a champion and what she offers the little rascal, Twitch.

Yuumi and AP Twitch Bot Lane Combo

Source: leagueoflegends.com

The Magical Cat helps her carry with bonus ability power or attack damage as long as she sits on her ally. With that in mind, she helps Twitch scale a lot faster and become a lot more powerful, very early into the game. Since Yuumi can hide inside Twitch and abuse his Q ability, Ambush, they can roam and surprise their enemies and impact the map a lot more than your average bottom laners.

Aside from the protection that Twitch offers, Yuumi will also bring into the mix mobility, a benefit from which a lot of ADCs suffer, and the ability to chase people or get out of harm’s way and help your Jerry friend to become even more powerful throughout the game.

For Twitch, you will want as much ability power as possible to impact your W ability, Venom Cask, so that he may keep his enemies rooted, hence the idea of buying a very early Dark Seal that will be well protected by the synergy that they share. If you find yourself on the bottom lane and in need of an ability power combination, I strongly suggest that you lock in these two champions and give your team the utility and heavy damage that Yuumi and Twitch can offer!

With League of Legends shifting as much as it is nowadays, we expect even more fun and interesting combinations for your favorite roles but for now, these are our Top 3 best bot lane combos!

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