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Thousands of Players Banned in Fortnite Ban Wave

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Addressing cheaters in Fortnite is Epic Games’ highest priority, according to their recent blog post, which followed after a few thousands players have been banned from Fortnite during this ban wave. The ban wave looks to have taken place in their free-to-play Battle Royale mode, similar to PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, which is something that Epic Games have implemented into the game, …


LoL Lead Designer Fired After Roasting Tyler1

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Nothing but complete and utter professionalism from Riot when Tyler1’s name came up on their discord server. Aaron Rutledge, better known as Riot Sanjuro, has basically nuked Tyler1 by saying he shouldn’t be much of an issue anymore, as he will “die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids, then we’ll be gucci”. Pretty non-gucci statement …

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New Overwatch Ban System has Banned Innocent Players

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As of September 27, Blizzard has implemented the new ban system for Overwatch’s Competitive game mode. What this basically means is that any player who manages to gather three or more suspensions in Competitive play, will get permanently banned from this very game mode. The kicker here is that these suspensions do not need to be consecutive, which means that …

Pokemon Go Bot Developers Threatened

Pokemon Go Bot Developers Threatened With Cease and Desist Letters

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It seems that Niantic has started to take quite some action against third party software developers and their bots, by serving the former with cease and desist letters, and updating Pokemon Go to render the latter obsolete, for now at least. Earlier this week, Mila432, a famous Pokemon Go reverse engineer who released an API that facilitates tracking websites and …