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Mercy is Getting Nerfed in Overwatch… Again

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I was going to write about the previous nerf, but then I thought I’ll just wait it out a bit, until they nerf her again, and just write it then (now). So here we are, at the 4th (I think) Mercy nerf in Overwatch. Of course, when you hear news about any Mercy nerf, you instantly think about her resurrection …

Destiny 2

The First Destiny 2 Ban Wave on October, 2017

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One day after its release, Bungie has already issued its first Destiny 2 ban wave. Despite being denied by them, a lot of players have stated on both reddit and official forums that their accounts have been permanently banned for no reason. Although the Destiny 2 ban wave was issued as if it were related to cheating, it’s quite clear …

WoW disconnected from server

The Popular WoW Private Server, Elysium, Has Been Disbanded

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UPDATE: Sheena and Crogge issued an apology. Earlier today, the WoW private server community was shocked to hear the news regarding Elysium’s downfall. The issue behind it seems to be that the Elysium project owner, Shenna, was taking money off of the official donation PayPal, and that another System Admin, Crogge, was selling generated gold and characters. This is pretty …

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game Unban Wave Next Patch

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Yup, you’ve read that right, unban wave! Some players which were previously banned for cheating or exploiting in Friday the 13th: The Game, will be unbanned and given a second chance as of next patch update! Although this has sparked some quite intense conversation (read: drama) on both the official F13 forums and reddit, Ben Strauss, one of the game’s …

heroes of warfare

Blizzard is Suing Chinese Company Over Copying Overwatch

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Sometimes, there’s no limit to what some companies will do when they see another one being successful, and while the correct answer should be: making a better and different product or game, more often than not, they find themselves merely copying it and hoping nobody will notice. This is exactly what happened in this case, where Blizzard is suing the …