Diablo 3 RoS Bot Ban Wave on March 2016

Soapbox WoW Ban Wave on December 2015

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It seems that not even Soapbox Rotations were immune to Blizzard’s campaign of seek and destroy third party software. Soapbox users got hit last night with mostly permanent bans.

As Soapbox themselves describe it, their software is meant to optimize your rotation for your class and specialization in World of Warcraft by taking into account specific events of the player and environment. It is able to adapt to a lot of stuff, ranging from leveling to min-maxing raids.

Even though Soapbox wasn’t as useful as other bots in terms of farming resources or gathering consumables, it was, according to its customers, a very useful tool for high-end raiding and accomplishing tasks (maybe even Skada-wise) which were previously unobtainable. With each bot getting hit one by one, it seems that Blizzard is really taking actions against third party software seriously in preparation for Legion.

Players that got banned received the “Use of Bots or Third-Party Automation Software” as reason for their suspensions, even though a lot of Soapbox’s customers were also using other software, such as ReBot and HonorBuddy, so for the time being other such automated programs are definitely unsafe.

Another thing is that, it seems some of the banned players haven’t been using nor even logged into the game for weeks now, meaning the anti-botting fishing net has been set prior to a few weeks ago, trying to catch as many as possible and hitting them all at once, just as it happened with the HonorBuddy ban wave back in May.

If you’re among the few lucky ones who evaded the current Soapbox ban wave, we highly recommend you stop using any third party software, at least for the time being if not for good, since odds are this might have became detected, as in automatically banning you upon attaching it to World of Warcraft.

Stay safe, and don’t forget, our WoW unban service is always there for you, in case you got banned! πŸ™‚

Edit: It seems that ReBot users were targeted as well, regardless of them using Soapbox Rotations or not, meaning it’s a double-target ban wave.

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  1. Soapbox here,

    The issue was related to the 32 bit client, which has since been removed. Less than 5% of my users were banned so the “If you’re among the few lucky ones who evaded the current Soapbox ban wave” does not really hold much weight. The program is still completely safe to use as we only support 64 bit. Further information shows every other bot has been hit since that ban except for Soapbox Rotations.

    Its highly unlikely that we were actually “targeted”, more-so that we could have just been sharing a function that another program (Such as ReBot or other Hacks) uses since 32 bit is limited in “unexplored territory”.

    Stay safe out there, but don’t let fear mongering keep you from enjoying a game how you wish to enjoy it. We dedicate a lot of our time to protecting our customers and the program in its current state is a very safe option for anyone looking to take their Raiding to the next level, or simply what something to assist them in the ever-present “Grind” in World of Warcraft.


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      Heya Soapbox and thank you for your input on the matter. I’m glad you shed some light. We’ve never tried to drive your customers away, since we’re not playing any sides here, but merely tried to keep them up-to-date with information from actual banned players, and to provide a hint for the ones unaware or unaffected.

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  2. Banned today june 8th 2016. Soapbox dev is a big ego fuck who won’t admit when his program and rotations aren’t flawless. Well sorry guys they aren’t! Bans hit today for 64 bit users. I have never touched another 3rd party program in my life on my wow account and i only use 64 bit but I log into a ban today.

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  3. Soapbox is there any reply to the person that says he was banned June 8 on 64 bit version? I’m looking to make a purchase but it seems like all the boys/ everything is detected now.

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      Heya! I don’t think Soapbox is checking this post anymore (I might be wrong though). Your best bet would be to try and contact him on his website. πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you Banster,.. I know you can’t say any bot is safe. I used HB for many years and finally was banned perma and for 6 months in 2015. I only want a rotation bot. But I’ve looked at several sites and all of them seem to be getting hit. May in the wow of today they are just able to detect everything and I should just forget botting altogether? I just want a bot for rotation in a raid or dungeon setting.

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      In all honesty, yes, I strongly believe that if you cherish your WoW account, you should stop botting and/or using any other third party software altogether. I’m fairly certain the botting glory days are over, at least for a good while, and it’s simply a matter of time until any bot out there gets detected and banned.

  5. Banned for using soap box today. Soapbox is also deleting any post on their forum relating to bans. Only ever used soapbox 64bit.

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