How to Transfer WoW Gold Between Servers

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With the announcement of the next WoW expansion – Battle for Azeroth, a lot of players find themselves looking for stronger guilds or following their friends to other realms. Along with that, arises the question of how to transfer WoW gold between servers.

Despite the gold limit for character transfers being increased to 250.000, a lot of players have way more than that and aren’t willing to spend that much money to transfer all of their alts. Thus, in this guide, I’ll cover the easiest way on how to transfer WoW gold, without even transferring as much as one character!

Needless to say, this guide is completely legitimate and does not involve any methods that are against the rules.

Requirements to Transfer WoW Gold

Let’s say you want to follow your friends to a different realm and start a character from scratch, but you want to move your gold to that server. Well, the way you can do that is through Battle Pets.

This must be done on your max level character, the one with the gold you want to transfer.

If you have no current Battle Pet at level 25, you must complete the following steps, otherwise, you can skip to the next section.

Now, after you’ve “manually” leveled a pet to 25, you’ve unlocked the ability to directly purchase and learn level 25 pets from the Auction House, which is the most important step regarding how to transfer WoW gold!

How to Transfer WoW Gold

With everything else out of the way, all you need to do now is basically purchase level 25 Battle Pets from the Auction House, on the character with the gold you want to transfer.

Let’s say character X from server Ravencrest has 1 million gold, and you want that to be transferred to character Y from server Illidan.

  • Purchase the Battle Pets on character X and learn them;
  • Log in to your Y character;
  • Go into Pet Journal (default Shift-P);
  • Right click on them and select Put in Cage;
  • Start selling them on the Auction House.

The most important step here is identifying the right pets to not only help you transfer WoW gold, but even make a profit from it! If you’re lucky enough, that 1 million gold from character X can even turn into 2 million gold on your Y character!

Useful resources for properly selling pets

I recommend checking out these two websites to identify which pets are the most expensive to sell, and which ones are the most popular when it comes to pet battling.

  1. Most popular pets;
  2. Pet prices.

Note that not every player purchases pets for Pet Battles, and some merely want to hang out in-game with a cool or rare companion, so don’t let popularity solely influence your decision!

Another awesome tool to use when starting to transfer WoW gold is The Undermine Journal (TUJ), which allows you to check the realm prices without actually logging into the server.

For example, Everliving Spore pet is currently selling for 213.500 gold on Ravencrest realm (where our X character is), and for 242.999 gold on Illidan realm (where our Y character is), where we want to transfer WoW gold.

Assuming you go on with this deal, you’ll likely earn a profit of over 29.000 gold from this very single transaction, which you can use towards saving for a WoW token, for example!

Important Notes

When caging pets and selling them to transfer WoW gold, at least ONE level 25 pet must remain uncaged and learned!

The pet can be a cheap green-quality one, the one you initially level up through the Unearthed Magic quest.

If you cage all of the level 25 pets, you will not be able to learn any other level 25 ones, as you’ll encounter the “That pet is too high level for you to uncage” error.

If this happens, you’ll have to manually level one, or complete the same quest on an alt character!

As far as addons go, there isn’t one per se that is mandatory for this process, but Auctionator and TradeSkillMaster (TSM) do help you with purchasing and selling pets much faster, especially with undercutting other auctions.


This is a great method on how to transfer WoW gold between servers, without having to actually transfer any of your characters to a different realm.

Now, regardless of which guild accepted your application, or what server have your friends moved to, you’ll be able to get your business up and running there in no time!

Furthermore, if done properly, you can even double the gold you’re moving, so pay attention to which pets sell for more on the server that you want to play!

Also, this is worth mentioning again, but this guide is not against rules or terms of agreement, and cannot be considered Abuse of Economy!

If you’re having trouble understanding the process, please leave a comment a comment below.

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