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How to Buy WoW Game Time with Balance

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Ever since Blizzard has implemented its balance system, a lot of players have enjoyed things that they otherwise wouldn’t purchase or be able to afford.

With a few trips to the World of Warcraft Auction House and a properly configured TSM sniper, you can basically enjoy all Blizzard related games and goodies for free, since you’ll be able to legitimately convert your gold into balance.

Purchasing a WoW token

To get a better understanding of the WoW Token price fluctuation, and whether or not they’re worth buying right now, you can always check the WoW Token Info website.

In order to purchase a WoW token with in-game gold, all you need to do is go to the Auction House and click on the WoW Token (last category on the left menu), and then click “Buyout”.

WoW AH Token Purchase

Once you bought it, head to an in-game Mailbox and claim your token, then right click on it.

Now, you’ll be presented with two options:

  • Adding 30 days of Game Time right off the bat, which will count towards the remaining game time;
  • Converting the WoW Token into 15$ worth of Balance currency, which can also be used for other Blizzard games or services as well.

WoW Balance

In our case, we’ll convert it to Balance, as hoarding some balance is way more effective than just getting 30 days of game time flat out, since you never know when you want to purchase something else with it.

After converting it, you’ll receive a confirmation mail, and your balance will be updated accordingly.

NOTE: If you have multiple WoW regions on your account, you can only purchase the WoW token for the region you’ve registered it originally. For example, if you’re an EU player, but also have an US WoW license, you cannot use WoW Tokens on US servers. Here’s what a GM said (click to enlarge):

Blizzard ticket

Adding WoW Game Time with Balance

As of right now, there is no option to have an active WoW subscription with just Balance, however, you can manually add 30 days of WoW time with it whenever you want, or whenever it’s about to expire.

To add WoW Game Time, simply follow these two links, each for their own region – EU or US. Select the account you’d like to add the WoW Game Time on, then press Continue. Make sure to choose “ Balance” or “Blizzard Balance” under “Pay With”, then press “Pay Now”.

Blizzard Balance


Once you’ve paid, you’re good to go! Your game time will be updated accordingly, and you’ll receive a confirmation email regarding your purchase.


The WoW token is really an amazing feature that Blizzard has implemented, despite its prices going up quite a bit with the release of Destiny 2, which is also available to purchase with balance.

Personally, I have purchased multiple packs of Overwatch loot boxes, apart from other Blizzard games and WoW services that I would’ve probably thought twice before getting, if it wasn’t for the balance.

All in all, it’s best to purchase WoW tokens for gold and stockpile on that balance rather than just converting it into 30 days of WoW game time straight away. After all, you never know when you’re going to need a realm transfer or perhaps some Overwatch event lootboxes and such. Or, why not, even pre-purchase the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion!

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