13 Awesome Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

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Pokémon Go took the world by a shock and revolutionized Augmented Reality gaming. As one of the most played online games, it has generated more than a hundred million downloads from the Google Play store itself. With almost seamless inception of the AR concept into this gaming, it has provided gamers across the world with an amazing experience.

The interactive features of this game attracted the attention of even non-gamers to become a part of this game’s following. The makers of the game also put out many exciting features to keep things interesting for the users. But most of all, by getting gamers to walk miles in search of Pokémon this game changed the stereotype that dictated that video games couldn’t be physically strenuous. Let us see some of the many interesting features in this game which you may have not noticed previously.

1. Locate Wild Pokémon near You

wild pokemon

You can use a feature on the Pokémon Go app to locate wild Pokémon which are in your vicinity. By touching an icon present on the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will be able to open a pop-up panel that shows icons of the wild Pokémon near you. The leaves under these icons will tell you roughly how far the Pokémon are from you on a relative scale. This feature comes in handy when you go out hunting for Pokémon by helping you locate them. So, the next time you go out hunting, use this feature to make sure you are heading in the correct direction!

2. Make Friends on Pokemon Go

Another amazing thing about this game is the Friendship feature. You can increase your level very quickly by being consistent. This feature allows you to Raid, Gym or exchange Gifts with friends. You can send gifts to long-distance friends, whom you don’t meet regularly, but this can be done only once a day. You can exchange up to 20 gifts per day with friends you meet. You can also coordinate an unlimited number of Raids or Gym exercises with local friends who are playing this game. Do not forget to make friends, even in this virtual world! This feature along with Augmented Reality is changing the social experiences.

3. Hatch Eggs You Discover While On Hunts  

You can also collect eggs at Poke Stops while playing this game, or receive them as gifts. These eggs can be put in your incubator and when they hatch they will give you some Pokémon or XP gains or even candies. Make sure that you have at least one egg in the incubator at all times. This will increase the rate with which you can hatch them. So, the next time you visit a Poke Stop; don’t forget to collect these eggs!

4. Transfer Pokémon for Candies

transfer pokemon for candies

You can apply your skills in investment and business in this game too! Pokémon Go gives you the option to transfer Pokémon to the Professor. By transferring the least powerful to the Professor you can earn candies for your Pokémon, which will help you increase the power of your stronger Pokémon. Play wisely and evolve your Pokémon to their strongest versions!

5. Use Lure Modules           

pokemon go lure module and incense

Yes! Instead of hunting for Pokémon you can even lure them to come to you. These Lure Models and Incense can be used to attract them to your location. It is advisable to keep moving while using incense to increase your chances of finding more Pokémon.

6. Berries

pokemon go berries

The game offers berries which can be fed to wild Pokémon to make it easier to catch them. Certain Pokémon are difficult to catch, especially if they are of a higher Combat Power. These Pokémon can be controlled by using the different kinds of berries available in the game.

7. Observe Special Circumstances and Environments

One feature you simply must not miss is a special circumstance. The chances of the appearance of Pokémon increase when you are in the vicinity of their natural environment. For example, you are more likely to find ice-type Pokémon during the winters and Water-type Pokémon near water bodies. So keep an eye out for any such special locations or environments which may favor the presence of a Pokémon!

8. Turn off The Augmented Reality Feature of the Game  

It is strange to find out that turning off a feature of the game could actually enhance your experience. However, turning off the revolutionary AR feature makes it easier to play the game. The AR feature isn’t fully compatible with many phones and makes it difficult to catch Pokémon. It also uses a lot of your battery. So, you can choose to turn off this feature from time to time.

9. Visit Gyms for Training  

pokemon go gym training

You can boost your coin count by going to the gym and winning battles with your Pokémon. You can take over gyms and continue to earn coins by leaving behind a strong Pokémon to defend it. These coins can be redeemed at the store for in-game stuff.

10. Fight Raid Battles

Pokemon Go Raid Battles

You can fight battles with other players and Pokémon in this game. Winning these battles will help you gain experience and Combat points for your Pokémon. However, make sure to choose your opponent wisely, as it can be a pointless waste of your potions to fight an astronomically strong opponent. If you want to catch some of your favorite Pokémon then you can try the various Pokémon maps present on the internet. But, finding the one which is working is a tough task. 

11. Use Poke Stops Wisely

Use Poke Stops Wisely

You can visit Poke Stops and spin the sign to earn rewards. All you need to do is hit the X at the bottom to stop the spin. You can also visit the same Poke Stop many times, by exiting it after use and waiting for a few seconds to let the game make you available for a visit again, however be careful that sometimes doing certain actions for very long might make you look like a bot. Regardless, should you ever run into such an issue, you can always check out our post on how to get unbanned from Pokemon Go.

12. Curve the Ball to Earn a Bonus  

Curve the Ball to Earn a Bonus

While catching a Pokémon you can launch the ball in a curved trajectory to earn a 1.7x bonus. This will help you in making sure that the Pokémon you have just caught doesn’t escape the Poke Ball!

13. Catch As Many Pokémon As You Can

You must catch as many Pokémon as you can, even if you already have them in your collection. Remember that you can always exchange them for candies, and use the candies to evolve the other Pokémon. You can also hatch a Lucky Egg and evolve all of them together, and earn as much XP as possible. This will help you level up quickly and give you evolved Pokémon in the process.

Final Verdict

Along with being a fun game, Pokémon Go can actually prove to be a great help if you are trying to take long walks or work on your health. These Pokemon Go tips and tricks help you in making the game more interesting and easy for you to play, along with keeping the interest and the game going!

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