Fall Guys Unban Account Appeal Guide

Fall Guys Unban Account Appeal Guide for 2024

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In this post, we’ll go over a complete guide on how to submit a Fall Guys unban appeal should you ever find your account banned from Fall Guys.

Although released quite recently, Fall Guys has gotten a ton of success on both Steam and PS4, the latter which even awarded it for free to PS Plus members during August of 2020, making it the perfect gift for a summer game!

In terms of gameplay, Fall Guys is extremely fun to play, consisting of a game of up to 60 players, where you need to compete against everyone else in order to win. Every round is different, and every round will eliminate players up until there’s just a bunch left to compete for the final crown.

That said, where there’s competition, there’s also room for “a certain type of creativity“, and Fall Guys is no stranger to players looking to make use of anything they can find in order to ensure the win. This, in turn, can lead to an account getting banned from Fall Guys, which we’ll discuss below.

What Can Get You Banned from Fall Guys?

Contrary to what you might think, you can’t and won’t get banned in Fall Guys if you’re the type of player to push others, hold them or just trick them into falling on different maps. Likewise, this isn’t a reason to get banned from Party Animals either.

As for what can and will most likely get you banned, those are offenses pertaining to:

  • cheating, through any type of automation software, bots, hacks (such as speed hacks);
  • toxicity, although that can only be displayed through your character’s in-game name;
  • purchasing currency from unofficial sources;
  • sharing, selling or buying accounts.
Banned from Fall Guys

Source: theloadout.com

Regardless of Fall Guys being a very fun game, there’s no secret that it’s also very competitive. Despite that, you should always try to be on your best behavior to ensure you never have to go through dealing with an account ban in Fall Guys!

Can You Get Unbanned from Fall Guys?

Even though there’s no particular answer that applies to all cases or bans, we’ll break this into two scenarios:

In the first scenario, if a player is banned for an extremely offensive name, such as a racial slur or real life threat, there’s virtually no chance at getting unbanned from Fall Guys, and that’s also a type of case we also can’t assist with.

In the second scenario however, if a player is banned under the accusation of using a cheat, and especially if said accusation is false, that case has a high chance at getting overturned, and that’s also a type of situation we too can do our very best to help you with.

Regardless, if you’d like to get a more accurate answer to this question based on your particular case, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Lastly, move on to see how you can submit a Fall Guys unban appeal in order to try and get unbanned from Fall Guys!

How to Submit a Fall Guys Unban Appeal

The entire Fall Guys unban appeal takes place on their official support page here, and that’s where you’ll need to be before starting the process.

Once there, click on “Submit a request”, which will take you on the actual form of your Fall Guys unban appeal, which needs to be completed as such:

  • enter your account’s email address;
  • input a relevant subject, such as “Fall Guys ban appeal”;
  • under “Type of Issue”, select Account related;
  • choose the platform on which you play, such as Steam (Windows);
  • as for the “Description” field, this is where the appeal should be written, and this is also where we can come in handy, should you require our professional and customized Fall Guys unban service designed to get you unbanned from Fall Guys.
Get Unbanned from Fall Guys

Source: support.fallguys.com

Once everything is filled in properly, click the “Submit” button underneath the form, and your appeal will be sent to Support for review.

They’ll get back to you via the email address you provided, so make sure to check it every now and then.

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully our guide was helpful regarding your banned Fall Guys account, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

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