How to Get Unbanned from Wayfinder (2024 Guide)

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In this post, we’ll walk you through a step by step on what you can do in order to get unbanned from Wayfinder!

Wayfinder is an exciting character-based action-MMO developed by Airship Syndicate. In it, players get to choose from a diverse selection of characters, each with their own unique playstyle and abilities.

More so, Wayfinder promises an immersive and captivating gaming experience that will keep players engaged and challenged throughout their journey. In this regard, the game seems to cater to a vast player base that includes those who enjoy questing, farming materials, crafting gear or doing dungeons.

However, despite being an MMO (albeit an action one) at its core, don’t expect it to be very similar to WoW or FFXIV, but rather closer to Destiny 2 or Warframe.

But, it does share a common thread with the above games when it comes to MMO ban reasons.

Thus, let’s check what can get your account banned from Wayfinder, as well as what you should steer clear of!

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What Gets Your Account Banned from Wayfinder?

As with any online game, and especially with MMOs, there are quite a few main reasons that can lead to a Wayfinder account ban. Among them, there’s:

  • third party software usage – bots, cheats, auto-clickers, hacks, macros and anything alike;
  • account sharing for any reason, especially for boosting;
  • real-money trading (RMT) – such as selling/buying in-game currency/items/carries for real world money;
  • toxicity, griefing and harassment – such as slurs, offensive names, refusing to participate in a dungeon, preventing other players from completing an event, etc.;
  • having multiple accounts (according to their Privacy Policy);
  • using bugs, exploits or glitches to gain any kind of unfair advantage.

While these are the main and most common reasons for landing a ban in Wayfinder, the best course of action to safeguard your account’s integrity is to avoid any activity that could potentially violate the rules.

This includes benefiting in any way from another player’s offenses, such as participating in dungeons with a player who is exploiting game mechanics.

And, as it’s common for most online games, there’s always the possibility of false positive bans. These happen when the anti-cheating system (or even an actual game employee), unfairly flags or bans an account as a result of a mistake (such as triggered by a legitimate running software) or human error.

Anti-cheat Wayfinder ban
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So, with that in mind, let’s see what you can do in order to get your account unbanned from Wayfinder!

How to Get Unbanned from Wayfinder

There are two methods of getting in touch with the game’s support in order to appeal your ban, via ticket and via email. We’ll cover both below.

Here’s how to submit a Wayfinder ban appeal via a ticket on their website:

  1. Go to their Support page here and log into your account;

    Note that you can only log in through the platform you purchased/play Wayfinder on (such as Steam or PlayStation).

  2. Input a concise and relevant subject;

    This can be something like “Wayfinder ban appeal“.
    Wayfinder Ban Appeal

  3. Select the category of your issue;

    For the time being, the ideal one for banned accounts seems to be “I can’t log into Wayfinder“.
    Wayfinder Banned Account

  4. Choose the platform you play on;

    For Steam, go with “PC” and for PlayStation with “PSN”.
    Wayfinder Platform PC or Console

  5. Write your Wayfinder ban appeal in the Description field;

    This is also where we come in handy, should you require our customized and professional unban service, designed to get your account unbanned from Wayfinder.
    Unban Wayfinder Account

Wayfinder Ban Appeal via Email

Here’s how to appeal your Wayfinder ban directly via email:

  • compose a new email to “[email protected]” (ideally from the same email address behind your Wayfinder account);
  • input a concise and relevant email subject, such as “Wayfinder ban appeal”;
  • write your ban appeal in the email body (content);
  • attach any relevant files, if any (optional).

While both methods end up before the eyes of the same Customer Support department, ideally, you should pick the ticket submission form, to ensure a much smoother process. But, if for some reason you’re unable to log into your account, then you can definitely go for a straight email instead.

Keep an eye on the email address you filled in the first field, as that’s where you’ll receive notification once they get back to you.

That’s it! Hopefully our guide was helpful with regard to successfully appealing your Wayfinder banned account, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

Need help getting unbanned from Wayfinder?

We're here to give you the best help in order to recover your account!

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