Lost Ark Unban Appeal Guide for 2022

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In this post, we’ll go through every step required to submit a Lost Ark unban account appeal, as well as what you should avoid doing to ensure you never have to go through getting banned from Lost Ark!

Despite having been released in the West in February 2022, Lost Ark has quickly made its way to top as the most played game on Steam and the most popular streamed game on Twitch.

That said, the ARPG community is extremely eager to get their hands on this new release, as interest in other similar genre games such as Diablo 3 or Path of Exile has decreased.

Another great thing about Lost Ark is that it brings the best of both worlds, ARPG and MMO, creating a MMOARPG game with a lot of replay value and tons of things to do. On top of that, Lost Ark is free to play, which is a great incentive to at least give it a shot, as who knows, you might just end up loving it!

However, as with every popular, online and competitive game out there, not to mention with a MMOARPG one, some players might look for various and unintended ways of obtaining resources, materials, gear or even level up faster, which in turn, can lead to them getting their account banned from Lost Ark. That is, of course, ruling out the plethora of false positive bans which are common with every game.

With that in mind, let’s go over the most common reasons for which a player can get banned in Lost Ark, as well as what you need to avoid doing to ensure that doesn’t happen to you!

What Can Get Your Account Banned from Lost Ark?

If you’d like to be completely up to speed, it’s best to read both the Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct, in order to ensure that none of your actions or behavior come in violation of the agreements. That said, here are some of the most frequent reason for which a player can end up with their account banned from Lost Ark:

  • cheating, regardless of means or circumstances, including bots, AFK farming or other third party software;
  • exploiting unintended bugs, glitches or features to obtain materials, currency or any other unfair advantage;
  • toxicity and negativity, in any way, shape or form, including offensive character names;
  • selling or buying in-game goods, materials, currency, gear and such for real world money;
  • sharing, buying or selling accounts, for any reason.

Although these are just some of the most common reasons for which a player can end up with a ban from Lost Ark, it’s best to always be on your best behavior when playing the game or interacting with others, to ensure that you’re having a great time and also stay safe from the ban hammer at the same time!

While on this subject though, we should also go over another common ban reason, which can happen to any player in any online game at any point, specifically the false positive one. There isn’t much to do to prevent this from happening, as it can be triggered from various streaming software or no reason at all, other than maybe keeping an eye on the forums and subreddit to be up to date with the news.

That said, let’s now go over what’s there to be done in such an unfortunate situation, specifically how to get unbanned from Lost Ark!

How to Submit a Lost Ark Unban Appeal

Same as with New World bans, having been published by Amazon Games, Lost Ark bans can be appealed through their official Support website here, where you need to click on “Lost Ark” as the game you require assistance with.

For the next step, select “In-game Issues” from the menu, then click on “Appeal a ban”.

Contact Lost Ark Support

Source: amazongames.com

On the next “Appeal a ban” page, you need to click on the “web ticket” link. At this point, you’ll also be required to log into your Amazon account which you’re using to play Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Unban Appeal

Source: amazongames.com

Now, you’ll finally arrive to the Lost Ark unban appeal form, which you need to complete as such:

  • title can be left as it is, namely “Lost Ark – In-game issues: Appeal a ban”;
  • fill in your in-game character and server name;
  • (optional) provide a link to a relevant screenshot, if applicable;
  • lastly, under the “Description” field, that’s where you’ll need to write your ban appeal. This is also where we can come in handy, should you require our professional and customized Lost Ark unban service designed to get you unbanned from Lost Ark.

Do note that the Lost Ark unban appeal field can contain a maximum of 1024 characters (regardless of the number of words and spaces), so you might want to keep things pretty concise.

Get Unbanned from Lost Ark

Source: amazongames.com

Once everything is in place, you can go ahead and press the gray “Submit ticket” underneath the form and your Lost Ark unban appeal will be sent to their Customer Support!

In the meantime, make sure to keep an eye on your Amazon account’s registered email address, as that’s where you’ll be notified once they have an answer for you!

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully our guide was helpful regarding your banned Lost Ark account, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

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