RMT and Account Sharing WoW Ban Wave on August 2017

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Not more than one month after Limit’s ban for real money trading and account sharing, Blizzard has yet again taken action against this type of behavior, but this time against more people, and even a few from other top guilds.

Now, this maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if the Mythic+ Dungeon Invitational wasn’t right around the corner, and especially if these punishments would’ve been applied when the terms were broken, which was during the Mythic Tomb of Sargeras progression, and not a month after.

To quote the Mythic+ Dungeon Invitational rules:

“An Account will be considered to be in “Good Standing,” if there are not any suspensions, bans, or other incidents of Account discipline lodged against the Account by Blizzard during the Tournament, or during the six (6) months period preceding the commencement of the Tournament.”

It basically means that every single player that now got banned or suspended in WoW, and every single team that has at least a player affected by this ban wave, will be disqualified from participating in it.

This probably would’ve been somewhat irrelevant if it happened to some rank 40 group, but instead it seems to have affected most of the top ranked ones, thus disqualifying them (such as Fragnance/Gingi, Naguura/Twise and many other from the first page).

This might’ve been to prevent another unfortunate event, where two years ago a PvP team was disqualified minutes before the game.

While on this topic, Xyronic has been banned again, probably force of habit at this point, but got unbanned shortly after.

It seems pretty arbitrary how Blizzard decides to issue bans when it comes to top guilds, especially knowing that pretty much every single world first racing guild out there has shared accounts or even sold boosts for real money. This, of course, doesn’t mean they should look the other way, but it would be only fair if they suspended all players involved or none at all.

What does RMT and account sharing mean

For those who don’t know:

  • RMT strands for “Real Money Trading”, which means a player will pay with actual money another player or guild to get boosted through in-game content (dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, arenas, etc.);
  • Account sharing means sharing your account with a different player, regardless of reason.

I’m completely against account sharing when it comes to purchasing raids or PvP rating, but I still don’t know why account sharing with a friend is against the rules.


All in all, while the rules should apply and be respected by everyone, equally, it’s kind of a bad timing, as I’m sure a lot of people were hyped to watch the Mythic+ Tournament, and if the best groups are disqualified, it’s less likely to be as relevant and interesting anymore.

Then again, if you want to participate in an official competition and win a money prize, you shouldn’t break the rules, so congratulations to everyone left on the leaderboards that weren’t affected by this.

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