Smite Unban Account Appeal Guide for 2023

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In this article, we’ll go over how to submit a Smite unban appeal in order to get unbanned from Smite, should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, as well as through the things you should avoid doing to prevent having to go through this.

With over 30 million players, Smite is one of the most popular free-to-play games out there, and even though it’s a MOBA game, it differs quite a bit from the likes of LoL or Dota 2, especially by being a third-person game.

That said, as with every competitive and multiplayer game out there, its rules need to be enforced to ensure a fair and fun game environment. However, as mistakes do happen, not all bans are issued correctly. False positive bans can and do take place in virtually every online game, which can lead to a person unfairly getting banned from Smite.

With that in mind, let’s go over the most frequent reasons for which a player can get their Smite account banned, as well as what you should steer clear from to prevent that from happening to you!

What Can Get Your Account Banned from Smite?

First and foremost, to ensure you won’t ever break any rules – even by accident, you should make sure to read the entire Hi-Rez Terms of Service agreement which you can find here, since you do express your consent to having read and agreed to them in order to play the game.

Account Banned from Smite


Secondly and getting to the point, below we’ll go over the most common reasons for which a player can get banned from Smite, specifically:

  • toxicity and negativity – despite unfortunately being quite common in a lot of online competitive games, any form of harassment, griefing and toxicity will be taken very seriously by Smite;
  • cheating – through any type of software, plugin, tool or even mouse or keyboard macro software;
  • sharing, selling or buying accounts – despite the reason you might want to do it, they’re all against the rules and thus a bannable offense;
  • making use of glitches, bugs and exploits – you should always report any such occurrences to the game’s Support and steer clear of them, as getting any type of unfair advantage through them will result in your account getting banned from Smite;
  • buying or selling in-game goods for real money – which again, despite the offer you might’ve found, this is too considered a bannable offense.

Moreover, even though these are just some of the most common reasons for which players get their accounts banned in Smite, you should always try to be on your best behavior and enjoy the game for what it is, to ensure both you and your fellow players have a great time playing it! However, if you’re feeling frustrated or upset and yet you still want to play Smite, make sure to mute yourself in-game from the User Interface settings panel, to ensure you don’t end up blowing steam.

Chat Mute in Smite


Lastly, Smite’s ban policy for toxicity has been updated, in the form of issuing a 7 day suspension for the first offense, 14 days for the second one and a permanent ban for the third and final offense. This is somewhat similar to how League of Legends bans are issued too, although LoL also has chat restriction punishments.

Do note however that this is also affected by your particular chat logs, as in some cases, if the behavior was deemed bad enough, said player can end up permanently banned right off the bat, skipping any prior warnings or suspensions!

Now, that we got this out of the way, let’s go over how you can get unbanned from Smite by submitting a Smite unban appeal, if you ever find yourself in that spot!

How to Get Unbanned from Smite

Just as with Paladins, Rogue Company or Realm Royale, in order to get unbanned from Smite you need to submit a Smite unban appeal via their Support Center here.

Once you’re on their “Submit a request” page, you need to fill that form as such:

  • input your banned Smite account’s email address;
  • choose the language you’d like to receive help in;
  • write a concise and relevant subject, such as “Smite ban appeal”;
  • select the region in which you play Smite, as well as the platform (such as PC), along with the platform identifiers, such as your Steam ID if applicable;
  • under “I need help with”, choose “I have a question about my account or I want to report a player“;
  • then, select “I was banned or I want to report a player“, followed by “My account was banned / suspended“;
  • lastly, under the “Description of the problem or request” field, that’s where you’ll need to write your ban appeal. This is also where we can come in handy, should you require our professional and customized Smite unban service designed to help you get unbanned from Smite.


Lastly, attach any relevant files (optional, if any), and then click on the blue “Submit” button underneath your Smite unban appeal form, which will take it right to Hi-Rez’s Support Team for review. Make sure to also keep an eye on the email you’ve entered at the start of the form, as that’s where you’ll get notified once they get back to you!

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully our guide was helpful regarding your banned Smite account, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

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  1. I am not sure why I got banned, and I am banned for 6 days. The new patch came out and I loved everything. I genuinely love this game and cant wait 6 days to play it.

  2. I got banned for not picking my character in time and I don’t think I’ve left a game or not picked a character in at least a week and I got a 4 hour ban for something so small

  3. I just got banned for no reason. I was playing a game and it kicked me out of the game. I have spent a lot of money on the account and I don’t want to make another account.

    1. Same for me I just got perma banned because it was apparently my last warning. I unfortunately didnt know anything about the previous bans bc my brother often played on my pc.

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