TERA Unban Appeal Guide in 2024 – How To

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In this article, we’ll show you how you can get unbanned from TERA, should you ever wake up to having a banned account.

TERA is one of the most popular MMORPG games out there, especially considering that unlike other top MMOs, it’s free to play!

That being said, as with every popular game out there, especially when talking about MMOs, there are a ton of reasons for which you can get banned for, ranging from real money trading to using bots or sharing your accounts. So, before we get to the actual TERA unban appeal, let’s first see what can get you banned from TERA!

What can get you banned from TERA?

As a TL;DR directly from TERA’s rules of conduct, in order to not get banned from TERA, you need to play fair and respect other players.

In this case, playing fair involves getting banned from TERA for cheating, namely:

  • third party software – thus no bots, macros, hacks or other such software that would otherwise grant you an unfair advantage over other players;
  • exploiting – as in, if you encouter a certain bug or glitch that can be used in a way the developers didn’t intend it to be used, report it to Support instead of making use of it;
  • account sharing – for whichever reason, not even the “harmless” version of it of sharing it with a friend, and especially not the one that pertains to boosting or other such activities;
  • real money trading – you are not allowed to buy or sell anything regarding TERA for any real life currency, thus meaning no accounts, boosts or in-game items;
  • gambling – unlike other games, you can get banned from TERA if you gamble for gold.

In the case of respecting other players, it involves getting your TERA account banned for toxicity or behavior issues, such as:

  • offending/insulting other players, specifically in regards to their race, gender, ethnicity and so forth;
  • threatening or making horrible remarks in regards to a player’s well-being or safety;
  • posting inappropriate content;
  • harassing players or publicly displaying their personal information;
  • impersonating a GM or Staff memeber;
  • spamming or advertising.

That being said, let’s go over what probably is the most asked question in regards to a TERA account ban.

Can you get unbanned from TERA?

Yes, you can, although it goes without saying that not everyone will be unbanned from TERA.

Despite the ban reason, timing or anything else, each case is pretty unique, so a player can sometimes get unbanned from TERA for a certain offense that can be deemed lesser than a player that doesn’t get unbanned.

Whether or not your TERA account will be unbanned is ultimately up to the GM that’s reviewing the appeal, and thus, there’s no way of estimating the percentages or chances or how it’s going to go beforehand.

With that in mind, let’s get to the most important step!

How to submit a TERA unban appeal?

In order to submit your unban appeal to get unbanned from TERA, you first need to go on the En Masse’s Support website for TERA right here.

Once you’re on it, log into your TERA account, then click on the third blue button, Contact Support.

Contact TERA Support

This will take you on the ticket form, where you need to choose what you need help for and why, as such:

  • under “Select a Game”, pick TERA;
  • for “Issue Type”, choose TERA (PC): Account Support;
  • under “Issue Details”, go with I can’t log into my account;
  • and lastly, for the issue subcategory, select I have been suspended or banned.
TERA unban appeal guide

Source: enmasse.com

After all of the above is done, press the blue “Submit a Ticket” button. This will take us to the final and most important form in order to get your TERA account unbanned, namely the actual TERA ban appeal!

So, let’s see how to complete the TERA unban appeal.

  • input your correct Character Name, the only you play TERA on;
  • enter your Server Name, so it will be easier for Support to identify the character and account in question;
  • fill in your TERA account’s registered mail address;
  • and, for the last and most vital part, namely the Description field, that’s where we come in handy, should you require our professional and customized TERA unban service designed to get you unbanned from TERA.

Once all of that is done, simply press the “Finish and Submit” button underneath the TERA ban appeal, and your ticket will be sent to Support.

You’ll receive their answer via mail, the one you’ve put in the TERA account unban form, so make sure to keep an eye on it, as well as on the Spam folder!

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