10 Things to do in WoW Classic at Level 60

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A lot of us jumped on the WoW Classic hype train ever since we heard of it being announced, and a lot of us were there since release, as we’re 3 weeks away from that and a lot of servers still have login queue!

However, not all of us thought of our “end-game” plan on what to do once we hit max level, especially considering that the Phase 1 raids can be cleared within a day, which is normal given our current skill level compared to 15 years ago.

With that in mind, we decided to come up with the best things to do in WoW Classic at level 60, in case you completely forgot about them or just to ensure you’ll be up to date and ready to go as the next Phases roll out!

So, with that in mind, let’s get right to it!

1. World PvP

Also known as ganking lowbies in Stranglethorn Vale, this is the time to get it out of your system and do what you’ve been secretly waiting for all this time, or just to even the balance with the deaths you’ve suffered from the opposing faction while leveling up!

Also, before Phase 2 rolls out, you won’t have an issue with the Dishonorable Kills, so you can go crazy with it!

WoW Classic Stranglethorn Vale Ganking

Source: reddit.com/r/wow

2. Farm the Rarest Mounts in WoW Classic

Unlike what you might think or know from WoW Battle for Azeroth, in WoW Classic the mounts are very few, and even a smaller amount of them are extremely rare. Well, to be fair, any 100% speed mount is rare, but you know what I mean.

That being said, the 2 currently farmable WoW Classic mounts are:

  • Winterspring Frostsaber (Alliance only) – for which you need to farm reputation with the Wintersaber Trainers faction, and you can follow this guide here;
  • Deathcharger’s Reins (both factions) – dropped from the last boss of Stratholme dungeon, Baron Rivendare, and has a 1% drop chance.
WoW Classic Winterspring Frostsaber Rare Mount

Source: wowhead.com

3. Farm Pre-Raid BiS Gear

The downside of what we were talking earlier about being a lot more skilled as players than we were 15 years ago is that we’re also able to check and inspect other players’ gear upon deciding whether or not to invite them for raids. You know, sort of what’s going on in BfA with the Mythic+ score and so.

For that reason, and of course to ensure you’ll be performing to the best of your ability, it’s recommended that you try to gear up your character with the best items you can get your hands on.

In case you forgot or don’t know what your class’ pre-raid best in slot gear is, you can check this website here.

4. Learn and Train Your Weapons Skills

Even in WoW Classic, most classes can equip a bunch of different weapon types, however, if you haven’t leveled it up, you’ll be in for quite a surprise if you end up going to a dungeon with your new sword or mace.

So, to ensure you’re up to code for whatever weapon is thrown your way, press “C” in-game, then go to “Skills” and check which weapons aren’t maxed out yet, then buy a green one off the Auction House and go hit some low level mobs with it.

WoW Classic Weapons Skills

Source: wowhead.com

5. Finish Learning all Spell and Ability Ranks

We’ve all been there, having to decide what to train and what not to as we level up, since the higher we’d get in level, the more expensive the new spell and ability ranks would become.

Now that you’re 60 though, this is the best time to go and learn all remaining spells and abilities at their highest ranks, and perhaps see where you can work their place in your UI and maybe rotation, based on certain situations!

WoW Classic Spell Training

Source: reddit.com/r/classicwow

6. Change Your Talents

A lot of us (especially mages), have used certain builds and talent trees designed to help with leveling, and although that worked out well, a lot of these abilities have little to no use at level 60, in a dungeon or raid setting.

Moreover, the way you spend your talent points in WoW Classic makes a ton of difference, so you should really go over that and see if everything is in place to help you with level 60 dungeons and raids, where you’ll most likely not need to kite mobs by yourself anymore.

WoW Classic Talent Spec

Source: icy-veins.com

7. Max Out Your Professions

This is probably an advice I wrote for myself, as I’m still, somehow, about 70-ish skill on my both professions. I guess I got too focused on reaching level 60 than spending time with them, and now I ended up with a ton of cloth I saved and no room to put it anymore.

Regardless, professions are actually important in WoW Classic, so you should really get them maxed out to be ready for whatever you’ll need to craft, whether for raids or for gold making!

8. Make an Auction House Alt-Char

The easiest way of playing both the Auction House and the actual in-game content in WoW Classic is by having an alt-char (it can just be a level 1) parked in a capital city.

This way, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, when you get that awesome BoE drop, or when your bags are full, you can just go to a mailbox and send it to your banker alt, which will be in charge of posting auctions and mailing you back the gold.

Also, don’t forget that in WoW Classic it takes 1 hour for the mails to arrive, even if you send something between your own characters!

WoW Classic Auction House Banker

Source: reddit.com/r/wow

9. Farm Gold

Although there are little to no gold sinks in WoW Classic, everything is expensive here, and you can quickly find yourself without any gold to even repair your gear.

To avoid that, and to make sure you always have something to throw at random and rare items (weapons and armor) on the Auction House, you should try to hoard as much gold as you can. Do be careful though not to engage in buying gold or anything like that, as Blizzard takes that just as seriously, and it can quickly lead to you getting banned from WoW Classic! But, if that does happen to you, you can always submit a WoW unban appeal.

And, since I do realize that’s a pretty vague tip, here are a few ways of making some gold in WoW Classic:

  • sell things you can craft with your professions (for tips, with other players’ materials);
  • make use of gathering professions;
  • AoE grind mobs (mages only pretty much) for raw gold, materials and BoEs;
  • play the Auction House or just snipe it with TSM 4 for WoW Classic.

Or, you can just get creative!

Gold making in WoW Classic at Level 60

Source: reddit.com/r/wowclassic

10. Farm Reputations

Getting exalted with the WoW Classic factions is sure to give you not only a lot of ways to keep busy and focused, but also quite an advantage (at least gold wise), over other players who are slacking.

There are quite a few awesome rewards for getting exalted with certain factions, such as the Nightfall plans from the Thorium Brotherhood faction, so if you think you’ve got the time for it, here’s an awesome guide for all of them!


Although these are just 10 of the best things you can do in WoW Classic at level 60, more are sure to come as the next phases roll out! However, while these are sure to keep you busy for a while, you can always fill in any extra free time by farming resources and materials to craft yourself consumables for raids and dungeons, as these can really go a long way in WoW Classic!

More so, if you’ve stumbled upon something nice that you can do in WoW Classic at level 60, please feel free to share it in the comments below. Happy farming!

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