WoW Fishing Bot Ban Wave on October, 2018

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Almost three months since the last ban wave, albeit for WoW account sharing, Blizzard has issued yet another wave of bans. This time though, for players accused of using third party software, specifically, fishing bots. Not exactly what you expected, is it? Well, it’s quite the reason to get banned from WoW. So, let’s get right into it! What’s a …

Overwatch Ban Wave for Aimbot on August, 2018

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As of today, it seems that Blizzard started issuing an Overwatch ban wave to players found engaging in usage of such software, namely aimbot cheating. Although it’s still quite early, as confirmed by this ownedcore thread, the alleged software that started being detected is called SharpEye. If you’re not aware of what an Overwatch aimbot is, it’s basically a third …

Destiny 2

The First Destiny 2 Ban Wave on October, 2017

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One day after its release, Bungie has already issued its first Destiny 2 ban wave. Despite being denied by them, a lot of players have stated on both reddit and official forums that their accounts have been permanently banned for no reason. Although the Destiny 2 ban wave was issued as if it were related to cheating, it’s quite clear …