WoW Account Share and Boost Ban Wave on July, 2018

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Well, a couple of days ago, I wrote a post about the reasons for which you can get banned from WoW, and where I mentioned that there’s been some time since the last WoW ban wave. Anyway, it seems that I jinxed it, as currently, there’s an on-going WoW account share and boost ban wave. Sorry. :/ For a few …

All Reasons for Which You Can Get Banned from WoW

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World of Warcraft is not only the most popular MMOs out there, but it’s also one of the most popular games for some developers to create cheats and bots for, as the “safest” ones to use are constantly at a high demand. Although everybody has their own opinion about botting in WoW, this is, ultimately, the most popular reason for …

Destiny 2

The First Destiny 2 Ban Wave on October, 2017

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One day after its release, Bungie has already issued its first Destiny 2 ban wave. Despite being denied by them, a lot of players have stated on both reddit and official forums that their accounts have been permanently banned for no reason. Although the Destiny 2 ban wave was issued as if it were related to cheating, it’s quite clear …

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Third Party Software WoW Ban Wave on October, 2017

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The history repeats itself – every 6 months apparently – on this Friday the 13th (yup), with a new ban wave, this time for usage of third party software in WoW, after the previously win trading one. This time around, Blizzard tried their best to hit any third party software used by players in order to gain unfair advantages, that …

fornite battle royal

Thousands of Players Banned in Fortnite Ban Wave

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Addressing cheaters in Fortnite is Epic Games’ highest priority, according to their recent blog post, which followed after a few thousands players have been banned from Fortnite during this ban wave. The ban wave looks to have taken place in their free-to-play Battle Royale mode, similar to PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, which is something that Epic Games have implemented into the game, …