RMT and Account Sharing WoW Ban Wave on August 2017

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Not more than one month after Limit’s ban for real money trading and account sharing, Blizzard has yet again taken action against this type of behavior, but this time against more people, and even a few from other top guilds. Now, this maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if the Mythic+ Dungeon Invitational wasn’t right around the corner, and especially …

WoW Win Trading Ban Wave on May 2017

WoW Win Trading Ban Wave on May, 2017

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Blizzard has started the month of May with a massive WoW ban wave, targeting players who have exploited battlegrounds by engaging in win trading. Some say that they started checking players for exploiting battlegrounds as far back as January, which seems to be true, since some players who have engaged in win trading in the past, but haven’t been active …

Large WoW Ban Wave on February 2017

Large WoW Ban Wave on February, 2017

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February started with a large ban wave in WoW, targeting thousands of players that were using 3rd party programs for botting. Again, the most targeted software was the well-known Honorbuddy. Here’s a blue post from Blizzard regarding this ban wave. If you are using any kind of 3rd party software and got away with it until now, you should consider …

Honorbuddy WoW Ban Wave on november 2016

Honorbuddy WoW Ban Wave on November 2016

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Barely 6 months after the last World of Warcraft ban wave, which took place in May, 2016, Blizzard has taken yet again action against the usage of third party tools, by issuing suspensions and permanent bans to players that were found using them. Granted, most of the players who got suspended received 6 months of suspension, as it’s customary for …

Pokemon Go Permanent Ban Wave in August, 2016

Pokemon Go Permanent Ban Wave in August, 2016

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For a few days now, there’s been a lot of speculation behind the infamous and much dreaded “Failed to get game data from the server” error. Theories ranged from anything related to just server issues, to IP / device blacklists to the very worse one, namely a permanent ban. Niantic has yet to confirm that the “Failed to get game …