How To Recover a Hacked LoL Account [Guide and Service]

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You probably don’t know this, but one of the most common ban reasons is due to having a hacked LoL account.

However, it’s rare that you’ll get banned for having your account compromised per se, but rather as a result of what happens on it afterwards.

As for what happens on them, here are the most common reasons for which League of Legends accounts get hacked into, namely to be:

  • used for their RP, in order to send gifts to other accounts;
  • sold to other players if they have high ranks or unobtainable skins;
  • used for boosting other players, depending on their Elo;
  • kept by the hacker as their very own account (albeit rarely);
  • used for griefing, cheating, toxicity, as in, to get them banned on purpose.

But, by far the most common one is gifting. Here’s how Riot defines League bans as a result of this: “Your account has been permanently suspended due to involvement in the compromise of other accounts for gain. It was found to be linked to accounts which were reported compromised and sent you gifts during this time period. Due to the volume of breaches in this case, we had no choice but to permanently suspend your account.

So, if your LoL account has been compromised, here’s how you can recover it.

Recovered League Hacked Account
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Recovering Your Hacked LoL Account

The good part is that you don’t need to be logged into your Riot account for this process, as it’s likely you no longer have access to it.

The bad part however, is that you’ll need to answer quite a few verification questions, some that you might not even remember anymore, so make sure to go through all of your screenshots, email accounts and documents where you might find those details.

In order to recover your compromised League account, you must:

  • go to the Riot Support Center here (request type is already selected as “Recover my Account“);
  • select your region and input your League account’s registered email address (or at least the one you had at the time of the breach, if it was changed);
  • choose “Hacked / Compromised / Locked Account” under the reason for losing access to it;
  • fill in all the verification fields to the best of your ability (including the ones that aren’t marked as mandatory);
  • enter a relevant subject, such as “My LoL account has been hacked into”;
  • write in your description – here’s where we can come in handy! Since 2015, we’ve successfully helped recover similar cases with our professional and customized unban service, designed to help you regain access to your League of Legends account.

Attach any relevant documents, if any, then submit your account recovery form to Riot.

LoL Hacked Account Recovery Form

It’s likely that they’ll ask for more information once they get back to you, especially if the one you provided wasn’t enough. But, they will provide you with a different set of specific questions, as they truly do want to help – they just want to make sure you are the real account creator and owner.

Note that there’s a good chance to find out that your account was also banned as a result of the compromise. If that’s not lifted once they recover it, here’s our guide on how to get unbanned from LoL.

Keeping Your Account Secure

The most common way through which League accounts get compromised is through phishing. And this is not an easy way to protect yourself against either, since you’ll need to pay attention to every email you receive, as well as what you’re clicking on (especially since they’re claiming to be from Riot).

Nonetheless, once you recover your account, make sure to:

  • install an antivirus and keep it updated;
  • change all of your passwords (including to the email accounts);
  • ideally, use a brand new email address for your Riot account, one that you won’t use anywhere else (forums, blogs, other games);
  • enable two-factor authentication on all of your accounts and email addresses;
  • not share your account with anyone, and never log into it from a public place or device.

That’s it! Hopefully our guide was helpful with regard to successfully recovering your compromised League of Legends account, and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

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