Dead by Daylight Unban Appeal Guide in 2022 – How To

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In this article, we’ll go over what you can do in order to get unbanned from Dead by Daylight, should you ever find yourself in that situation.

Dead by Daylight is probably the most popular survival horror game, with a secured place among the most played titles on Twitch, alongside PUBG, Overwatch, Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege.

Essentially, the goal of Dead by Daylight, where 4 players are matched together against a 5th player who is the killer, is to survive the latter and avoid being caught and killed.

It goes without saying that such a game is not only scary and tense, but also extremely competitive, and what’s very common for competitive games are account bans, especially when a player is suspected of breaking the rules. So, while on that topic, let’s see what are some of the most common reasons for which a player can get banned from Dead by Daylight!

What can get you banned from Dead by Daylight?

As per their official Terms of Use here, we can identify the following most common reasons to get an account banned in Dead by Daylight:

  • harassment, toxicity, spamming, defamatory, hateful and other such offensive type of behavior towards other players generally in-game;
  • usage of any type of third party software in order to obtain an unfair advantage over other players, such as hacks, cheats, bots and so forth;
  • false reporting other players;
  • making use of glitches, exploits, bugs or other unintended features to gain advantages in-game;
  • selling or buying in-game services or currency through unauthorized third party sources.

Now that we’ve established the most common reasons for which an account can get banned from Dead by Daylight, let’s go over what can be done in order to recover it!

Dead by Daylight Unban

One of our happy customers unbanned from Dead by Daylight

How to submit a Dead by Daylight unban appeal

The first thing that we need to do in order to appeal to get unbanned from Dead by Daylight is to get on their support website right here, where we need to click on the “Submit a ticket” button.

Dead by Daylight Contact Support


This will take us on to the next step of the Dead by Daylight ban appeal, namely the issue selection part, where we need to choose “Information about my ban“.

Dead by Daylight Unban Appeal


Once that’s done, the actual Dead by Daylight ban appeal form will appear, which we’ll need to complete accordingly, as such:

  • input your account’s registered email address;
  • put in the subject, such as “Dead by Daylight ban appeal“;
  • select the correct platform, which would be “PC” in our case;
  • enter your SteamID64, which you can find here;
  • select the correct date of when your account got banned in Dead by Daylight.

Now, as for the “Description of the issue”, that’s where we come in handy to defend you and better word your ticket based on your case’s circumstances, should you require our customized and professional unban service, designed to get you unbanned from Dead by Daylight.

Once everything is completed, click on “Submit” underneath the form and your ban appeal will be sent to the Customer Support department for review.

This is it! Now that your Dead by Daylight ban appeal has been sent, all you need to do is wait for their reply, as they’ll get back to you via mail once they have an answer, so make sure to keep an eye on it! Best of luck!

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  1. I get into games with my friends and I lag out.I get banned, and now I’m at 24 hrs of being banned just from lagging out.

  2. I had to go help my dad with chores which meant I had to leave and turn my Xbox off, when I came back I had a 2 day ban… it’s annoying because it’s the only game I play

  3. I had to go and take the trash, my sister got on my game and left it on purpose. This was not the first time shes done this and I got a 24 hour ban, and I play like no other games

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