How to Get Unbanned from Free Fire in 2024

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If you’re looking to get unbanned from Free Fire, you came to the right place! Below, we’ll go through all the steps required to submit a ban appeal in order to unban your FF account!

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on mobile devices, surpassing over 150 million daily active users in 2021.

Having that said, and considering the competitive nature of the game, with the last player standing being the winner, FF takes cheating very seriously.

In turn, any player accused or suspected of breaking the rules will get their Free Fire account banned.

Thus, let’s see what can get you banned from FF, as well as what you should steer clear of to ensure your account’s good standing!

What Gets You Banned from Free Fire

Being a Battle Royale game, FF’s offenses are similar to those that warrant account bans in PUBG as well.

However, being a mobile game, it also shares a few similarities to this niche, also common for the mobile account bans in Apex Legends as well as to those of Pokemon Go banned accounts.

Without further adieu, here are the most common reasons behind a Free Fire banned account:

  • cheating of any type (exploits, wallhack, aimhack, radar, ESP, automation tools, similarly to leads to a ban in Fortnite for example);
  • toxicity and any other form of grievance and negativity;
  • using a modified and unofficial game client;
  • teaming up with cheaters (even if you’re not using cheats yourself);
  • tampering with the game’s model files;
  • logging into the game from a banned device (as in, a Free Fire HWID banned mobile phone);
  • sharing your account (especially for boosting purposes);
  • using any software to try and bypass Free Fire’s anti-cheating system.
Permanently Banned Free Fire Account
Image source – Garena Free Fire

Nonetheless, make sure to read Garena’s Terms of Service here, to confirm that none of your actions break their rules.

Do note that usually, for cheating accusations, both your Free Fire account and mobile device will get banned. This is called a HWID ban, and it prevents that particular device from ever playing Free Fire. Regardless of creating a brand new account and anything like that.

How to Check if Your FF Account is Banned

Logging into Free Fire from a banned account might cause that device to get a HWID restriction (if it wasn’t already).

Luckily, Garena created a system to check if your FF account is banned. Thus, if you suspect you might’ve landed yourself a ban, you can check it here.

Simply put in your FF ID then press enter. If your account is banned, you’ll see the confirmation message below, specifically “We have confirmed that this account has used hack(s) and has already been banned.

Check Free Fire Ban
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Otherwise, if the account is not banned, you’ll see the following message: “There is currently not enough evidence to prove that this account is using hacks. Thank you for the support!

Can You Unban a Free Fire Account?

While there’s no specific answer for every situation, yes, quite a few FF account bans can be overturned. But, that also depends on quite a few reasons.

For example, as with every other game, not every single ban is issued correctly. Mobile devices, like computers, can run a ton of things in the background, apps and software which, even if they are not cheats, could trigger a false-positive ban.

Apart from that, many mobile devices are rooted or jailbroken, with all kinds of custom ROMs and apps, which too can trigger false bans.

Furthermore, you can also land a ban in FF as a result of multiple player reports against you. This can very well happen even if you’re not cheating.

Say you’re on an unusual lucky win streak or that you managed to hit a couple of crazy shots, that’s enough reason for your fellow players to suspect you of cheating. If enough players report you within a short period of time, the system will automatically suspend your Free Fire account.

Bottom line is, yes, you can overturn a Free Fire ban, same as you would unban a PUBG account in this situation, especially if the ban was placed by mistake. So, let’s see how you can do just that!

How to Get Unbanned from Free Fire

The only way to get unbanned from Free Fire is by appealing your restriction. Similarly to getting unbanned from Fortnite, this is a very straight forward process. This applies to both account and HWID bans.

Here’s how to submit a Free Fire ban appeal:

  1. Go to their official Support page here;

    Log into your account by pressing the yellow “Sign In” button in the top-right corner.

  2. Input your account’s email address;

    You will receive their answer via this particular email address.

  3. Select “Ban Appeal” under the request type;

    If you’re unable to log in due to a different reason, you can choose “Account Related Concern” instead.

  4. Write your FF ban appeal under “Description”;

    This is where we come in handy, should you require our customized and professional unban service, designed to get you unbanned from Free Fire.

How to Unban a Free Fire Account
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Once that’s filled in, you can go ahead and press the blue “Submit” button underneath the form. You can skip the attachments field if you don’t have any evidence to support your ban appeal.

This is it! Hopefully this step by step guide was helpful in regards to getting you unbanned from FF and if you ever require our help, we’re here for you!

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