League of Legends Account Suspended (And How to Fix it)

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If you’re on this page, you’re probably wondering why your account was suspended from League of Legends. Fair enough, as below we’ll go over all reasons for which an account can get suspended from LoL, as well as what you can do in that regard.

Before diving into it, it’s important to know that Riot takes any type of rule breaking very seriously. Because of that, you need to always be on your best behavior when playing League or other Riot games.

Now, let’s get right to it and see what gets your account suspended in League.

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Suspensions in League of Legends

Contrary to most other popular games, League of Legends has quite a few extra account restriction reasons, which we’ll detail below. However, to get fully up to speed with their rules, it’s best to read their Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

That said, here are the most common reasons for an account suspension in LoL:

  • scripting and cheating;
  • behavior and conduct;
  • boosting;
  • account sharing, selling or buying;
  • gifting abuse;
  • buying in-game currency from unofficial sources.

At Unbanster, we’ve analyzed the latest 1315 bans in League of Legends that we’ve dealt with (outside of ban waves), and have narrowed down the most common ban reasons, in descending order, to: toxicity, allegations of cheating, boosting, and gifting abuse.

League of Legends Ban Statistics
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Scripting in League of Legends

If you don’t know what scripting is, it’s essentially cheating. Scripting is a third-party software that basically plays the game for you, performing every action perfectly.

If in other games such as Valorant, PUBG or Fortnite you have cheats like wall-hack or auto-aim, in League of Legends you have scripts.

There are 3 different main types of scripts, namely:

  • utility scripts;
  • awareness scripts;
  • champion specific scripts.
League of Legends Scripting

Utility Scripts

Utility scripts perform perfect moves, dodging and landing every ability. They’re generally used for more damage-dealing but squishy roles, such as ADC or Mid. They help hitting a targeted ability perfectly and dodging an ability that’s heading their way.

In short, they take away most of the mechanical skill needed to play the game fairly. A player using an utility script will no longer need high attention skills, a fast reaction time, or even experience in playing against certain champions.

The weak spot of utility scripts are fights against a melee champion. Melee champions get so close to the enemy, often right on top of them, that the script can no longer aid in dodging or hitting spells properly.

Awareness Scripts

Awareness scripts on the other hand are essentially maphacks, wallhacks and other very important overlays and information, which legit players should not have access to. An awareness scripter can see the entire map, wards locations, all enemy metrics, abilities and cooldowns. They’re also able to see whether or not you’re within range for a particular ability, and they can save their cooldowns accordingly.

They work for any role or champion, but most of the time, junglers use it for map intel. However, do keep in mind, an awareness script will not make you a better jungler or player in general. It will simply give you more information, and it remains up to you how you use it.

More so, during big team fights, all awareness overlays and revealed info can overlap, be very hard to understand as well as lag your computer.

Champion Scripts

Champion specific scripts are perfect ability rotations, to help a player with a certain spell or combo from a certain champion. They are mostly popular among Draven, Kalista and Casseiopeia players. For example, a champion scripter playing Draven will always catch the axes, causing his Spinning Axe attack to be reapplied at no additional cost. There’s nothing you can do to prevent this, which gives the champion scripter a huge unfair advantage.

This, however, can also backfire. Say you’re scripting with Draven – the script will move you exactly where you need to go to catch your axe, regardless of what’s happening in that spot. Often, you may find yourself running into a Caitlyn or Jhin trap, or even straight into an enemy, whether you like it or not.

Scripting Suspension in LoL

Out of the three different ways of League scripting, the awareness one is the hardest one to spot, especially if the player doesn’t make it very obvious. Meanwhile, both the utility and champion scripts attract a ton of player reports, as it is fairly obvious when someone is using them.

League Account Banned for Scripting

Nonetheless, even if you were to “play it safe” and avoid player reports, keep in mind that Riot has an anti-cheating system in place which they update regularly. That means that even if you don’t attract reports for cheating, there’s still a super high chance to get your account banned from League of Legends simply due to the anti-cheating detection.

So, how to avoid a League suspension for scripting? It’s simple, don’t use it! As in, don’t install the script at all, not even on a brand new account. Any such detection on your computer will likely cause a ban on your main account too.

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Behavior and Conduct Account Restrictions in League

Behavior and conduct related League of Legends suspended accounts are related to toxicity and negativity.

We covered a more in-depth article about League of Legends toxicity bans, but in short, here’s what you should avoid:

  • being negative, toxic, rude or offensive towards other players;
  • inting or feeding, trying to lose the game on purpose;
  • griefing, sabotaging or leaving games;
  • going AFK often;
  • asking other players to report someone.

Although toxicity can sometimes be subjective, mistakes happen here as well, with false League account suspensions, which can be appealed.

Based on the nature of your behavior, punishments vary from chat restrictions to 7 or 14 days account suspension and all the way up to a permanently suspended League account.

However, keep in mind that there are a few things Riot will not forgive, and for good reason. They’re suspensions pertaining to racism, slurs, real life threats and so on. Stay away from such statements or your LoL account will be forever gone.

League of Legends Account Suspended or Banned for Behavior

League Boosting Suspensions

There’s no secret that a lot of League players resort to account boosting in order to climb the rank ladder.

This is something quite common for most other competitive and ranked games. However, what’s also common is that every game deems boosting as against the rules, and thus, punishes it accordingly.

In League of Legends at least, if caught, boosted accounts get permanently suspended. Although this is not as serious of an offense as cheating, it’s still something that takes away from the fairness of the game. You probably don’t want to play with a boosted player either, so there’s that.

Boosting in League occurs through:

  • allowing the booster to play on your account;
  • you playing your own account as a duo with the booster.

However, boosted accounts are not that easy to spot. More weathered boosters use VPNs with the same country and city location as you and thus, it’s hard to spot a difference in login history.

League of Legends Account Suspended for Boosting

Most League suspended accounts for boosting arise from an unusual pattern of constant wins once the booster takes over, after months or years of regular win/loss rates playing yourself.

That said, false positive permanent LoL suspensions happen here as well, if you get on a crazy win streak and especially if you play from a different location or IP.

Another thing to note is that Riot doesn’t ban accounts for just using a VPN in-game, so if it helps your ping or listen to various music, go for it.

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Gifting Abuse in LoL

Don’t mistake normal gifting with abuse of the gifting system in League, as only the latter is a bannable offense. Abuse of the gifting system means receiving gifts/RP from:

  • third party unofficial sources;
  • cracked and compromised accounts;
  • fraudulent methods.

While there might be some legitimate gifting services out there, most League account restrictions for gifting arise from the fact that the gifts are sent from either cracked accounts or stolen payment information.

LoL Account Ban for Gifting Abuse

In that regard, there’s only a matter of time for the account owner to realize they suffered a compromise and report it to Riot. It’s very easy for them to trace it and see who the receiving account is, then nuke it altogether.

If caught, the minimum punishment you get is the removal of the skins / currency in question.

On the other hand, the maximum punishment for gifting abuse is a perma suspension from LoL, under the reason of “suspicious or fraudulent activity”.

Unlike a few other games, Riot doesn’t offer the opportunity to pay back the disputed amount (except for RP purchases), so it’s best to steer clear of gifting abuse if you cherish your account.

Restrictions for Buying, Sharing or Selling Accounts

Buying, selling or sharing an account is against Riot’s Terms of Use and thus, will result in a League of Legends suspended account.

Apart from that, this is a very sensitive transaction, as according to Riot, there is no way to know for a fact you get to keep it for good.

What this means is that if the person or service that sells you the account is ill-intended, they can recover it at any point in the future and sell it once again, to someone else.

The sign-up / owner information you receive upon buying an account cannot be changed and thus, both you and the seller have it. Of course, there are some legitimate services out there, many of which that level their own accounts, but in most cases, the issue isn’t with the service but with the seller.

LoL Account Suspended for Sharing

Think of it as a used car dealership. An account selling service will often buy accounts from players looking to quit the game. They sort them out and put them up for sale. Another player comes and buys the account from them, and goes on about their life.

However, unlike used cars, where you also change full ownership information, League account creation info cannot be changed. That means that, at any point in the future, the person that sold the account in the first place can decide they want to recover it.

As the account creator, it’s certain they’ll have all the information required to prove their ownership to Riot Support, which in turn, will recover it for them.

Now, you might have enough information to recover it back, but in such a case, the League account in question will be permabanned, as it is deemed compromised. Neither you or the original creator will be able to play on it anymore. More so, if the ownership cannot be verified, the entire Riot account will be banned.

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Can You Get Suspended from League for Smurfing?

No. Smurfing, albeit annoying at times, is not against the rules in League of Legends and you cannot get suspended for it.

Riot won’t ban a player for simply being good at the game and playing on a brand new account. In fact, maybe said player has their main League account suspended and is now starting anew.

That said, smurfing will get you a few reports here and there, so if you’re going to smurf, be sure not to end up griefing or taunting other players, as you’re bordering on toxicity.

Do League Account Suspensions Reset?

League bans do not reset, but they can expire, based on the type of punishment you receive.

For toxicity, first two punishments are a 3 and a 7 day chat restriction. For 3 or 7 days, you’re unable to use the in-game chat function, while working on your reformation.

If there’s no reformation, the next penalty is a 14-day account suspension, preventing you from logging into the game altogether.

Lastly, the final punishment is a perma ban, which does not expire. Same goes for cheating, with permanent restriction issued on the first offense.

For leaver penalties, you receive queue lockouts and delays. They go from Tier 0 with no lockout/delay up to Tier 7, which has a 14 day queue lockout and a 15 minute queue delay for 5 games.

Queue Delay in LoL

The more games you leave, the higher the penalty tier. The more games you play without leaving, the lower the penalty tier gets.

Do LoL Account Punishments carry over to Valorant?

No, League suspensions do not carry over to Valorant. Especially not toxicity or cheating bans. However, in cases of fraudulent payments or financial disputes, the entire Riot account is banned and thus, that carries over to Valorant as well.

While on the subject, it’s important to know that Teamfight Tactics bans do carry over to League and the other way around. There’s actually even a petition in place on Change.org to change that.

And, of course, in cases of extreme circumstances that warrant an ID ban, that restriction carries over to Valorant and TFT as well.

How to Not Get Suspended from League of Legends

While avoiding cheats is fairly easy, keeping cool on the other hand can be a bit harder.

League of Legends is a very competitive game and no two games are the same. You might have a feeder in one that ruins your entire mood for the entire evening. If you chain games despite not feeling it anymore, you risk getting tilted and venting in chat. And here’s the first mistake.

So, to not get suspended from LoL you need to:

  • take breaks after tilting games; don’t chain queue games if irritated;
  • not vent in chat, offend or insult other players;
  • do your best to win, regardless of feeders;
  • not leave games or go AFK;
  • not ask other players to report someone;
  • not falsely report a player for no reason;
  • not use cheats or scripts;
  • not buy, sell, boost or share accounts;
  • not abuse the gifting system.
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League of Legends Account Suspended for No Reason

Believe it or not, this can and does happen. False positive bans happen in all games, and League isn’t the exception.

League of Legends Account Suspended or Banned for No Reason

This can be both a human or a system mistake, for example:

  • anti-cheating system triggering at a harmless piece of software on your computer;
  • others falsely and mass reporting you throughout games;
  • your bank blocked a particular transaction you made to Riot;
  • account is flagged as compromised due to different login location.

Nonetheless, in most cases, false positive League suspensions are overturned fast upon appealing, but if that’s not the case, let us know, as we’re here for you!

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